No More Pain In Planning Projects. Taskworld Is Here!

Managing your projects became just so handy and easy with Taskworld.

In its own words,” Taskworld packs visual task management, team management, and project planning into one robust app.” At its core, it is a cloud-based enterprise providing SaaS (Software as a Service) services and was founded by Fred Mouawad in 2013. What started as an internal task management system(TMS) for Fred’s own companies is now one of the fastest growing tech companies with thousands of customers in over 80 countries. I thoroughly checked out the website and the Android app, and there is something really helpful in the store for all you tired souls fumbling between team formations, task assignments, follow up on the progress, improvisations, missed deadlines and what not. But first things first, why the need for this project planning platform?

Well, the need arose as a result of project failures due to inadequate planning, accountability, and scattered team formations, thereby affecting the necessary follow-up and feedback of course. For a crammed mind with these problems, the idea seems appealing. And added to it, one can use it individually, for a team or even get it customized as per the size of their organizational needs. It flows so easily, with a suave and clear UI, and every possible activity (almost) is only a click away. Check out the complete website here!

There is so much more you can accomplish with the visual task boards, bringing clarity to the team and aligning goals. Converting abstract ideas to active tasks is just the first stepping stone.

The first step is to create your projects. The privacy setting allows both public and private accesses, so no worries of information mishandling and leakage. From the given templates, choose the most suitable one for yourself. If all you wish to manage is your week’s schedule, there is the Weekday template for you. The Department template comes handy for large projects involving multiple departments. Basically, all your possible needs can be brought to life with a little customization. All your project’s stats viz. start date, due date, current status, team members, etc. are available to you in one place. Add-ons – allows tags on tasks, and you can set due dates with reminders too (much needed for folks like me, duh!). Task points set priorities for the task so that you don’t miss out on the urgent and most important ones. The list of facilities just keeps on elaborating. Like this one – projects can be copied with all their resources and archived as well. How cool is that for similar projects!

Taskworld allows your teammates to comment on your progress, so you are always up for the better. Not only you can create multiple task lists, but also duplicate and transport them to other projects with such ease. The tasks can move in between lists too. So when an on-going task gets finished, no hassle in removing it from the Doing task list and adding to the Finished one. And to make sure workplace doesn’t get mundane, you can always indulge in a little chit chat using the chat feature. Taskworld has you covered for file sharing. There is literally so much to explore, I suggest going through the tutorial video once.

It also has a timeline which is a beta feature so you may get your hands on it in a while. It represents your project’s history over the fiscal year. Timeline and burn down/up charts shed light on project progress and allow you to catch problems before they arise. The progress bars help you keep on your toes, and task list analysis, you ought to give out the best in minimum time.

Taskworld gives you a clear insight into the big picture, and at the same time provides you with the minutest details over an interactive dashboard. With the advanced filters like Followed by me, Created by me and Assigned to me, get only the information you need.

Let’s get into the details of the chat feature. Talk one-on-one, by the department or with the whole company and reduce emails by over 40%. You can talk to the whole team or get in touch with an individual. And just so you don’t miss out on the fun part, there are comments, reactions, emojis as well as GIFs. With @mentions, make sure your teammates never miss out on important remarks by you and reply to the emails using the chat too. Now that is new, and takes off so much of your workload!

I could track my progress and that of my team’s in the analytics section. And that is pretty amazing. The categories are color-coded, like red for an overdue date, blue for completed and so on. Plus, manage all your files at one place using the Files feature. So far, so good.

But there are a few more things I expect from this app.
First, threads within projects. For example, I may be planning a college event and I need a few members of my team in the registration cell. Instead of creating a new team, I could simply fork out a thread with minimal features and use it when I need to communicate with the cell.

Second, priority messages or alerts. If some piece of information needs to be communicated urgently on a high priority basis, I would rather prefer a priority message over the project chat. It could just pop up on the tasklist of the team members, or be highlighted in my project section.

Third, sharing progress reports. What if my Manager requests me a progress report of the on-going project? It would be great if I could share the analytics via e-mail.

And lastly, the UI can be improved for a much better user experience.
•Floating widgets to switch between projects.

•A mouseover that displays my current tasklist on hovering. That way I don’t need to go into the project section every time for a quick view of my tasklist.

•Some interactive, positive comments each time I complete a task successfully in time. Like, ‘Hey Jack! That was excellent!’, ‘You did a great job!’, and akin. After all, a little bit of motivation every now and then never hurt anybody.

You can try it for free for 15 days and then subscribe to the monthly or yearly plans. It comes for your phones too, with both an Android and an iOS version. So you may be anywhere in the world and still be in touch with your team, check off your tasks and contribute. Accenture, Yale, Samsung, Salesforce, Netflix and many more industry giants are already onto it. Take my word, you don’t want to miss out on Taskworld. Surely, managing projects never seemed so easy!.

Try Taskworld and let us know how was your experience in the comments section below: