“Indecent And Inappropriate For Viewing By Children During The Daytime”, Says I&B Ministry For Banning Condom Ads Between 6 Am And 10 Pm. Is It Correct?

"Indecent And Inappropriate For Viewing By Children During The Daytime", Says I&B Ministry For Banning Condom Ads Between 6 Am And 10 Pm

no condom ads

Condom, I say this word out loud. Then I hear, Shhh! I hear the hiss asking me to shut my mouth. Why? Because the words condoms and sex are still UNSPEAKABLE terms in Indian society. And, do you know what the reality is? Every one of us is aware of sex and how to do sex, yet; we act like innocent individuals in the face of the public. And how are we going to promote safe sex? With a No condom ads between 6AM and 10PM rule.

Recently, I’ve come across this news, which read –

No condom ads between 6 am and 10 pm

I agree that this is a controversial issue. It was actually given on account of No add should be suggestive or vulgar to children who watch television.”

Some might nod yes to this ban and some might meticulously disagree; while some laugh at the hidden paradox. What hidden paradox, you might ask.

no condom ads

Here are a few reasons why this ban leans towards hilarity.

1. Kids watch cartoons, not condoms

If you’re talking about kids, they rise up till your stomach and that’s it. Anymore, they aren’t considered kids. Kids watch cartoons, of course! They watch how Tom runs for Jerry while Jerry wins every damn time! They watch Doraemon taking out different gadgets from his fourth-dimensional pocket and giving them to a weeping Nobita. Also, they watch a 5-year-old Shinchan doing naughty things over and over againStill, Shinchan can be pretty vulgar too though it’s a comedy anime.

Like this isn’t vulgar, right?

As far as I know, no cartoon channel ever aired a condom ad. Kids are safe from that so-called vulgarity, aren’t they?

2. Let’s talk about “The Axe Advertisement”

You surely do know Axe perfumes, right? There was once a time when Axe ads were a debauchery. They portrayed women as mere objects who crave for men just because of their smell. Isn’t this suggestive? Yet, they still aren’t banned completely. The government made sure to reduce the amount of “suggestiveness“. It’s not just Axe, almost all perfumes for men suggest that Use our scent and have women to your content.

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Secondly, have you ever seen Engage deo’s “For You” ad? That’s pretty damn suggestive too! Then why is it allowed on the screen when an educative ad of condoms is banned?

3. Have safe sex. How? Like couples make love between 6 am and 10 pm!

Yeah. Like couple makes love between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., right? Instead of airing useful ads when people actually watch TV, why air them when couples are actually in the act and don’t watch TV? Duh.

If there is no doctor who’ll guide the couple through their sex life, they’re on their own, right? Not even TV ads will help them. They won’t even know about condoms. Yes, there are people who still are unaware of “Safe sex” and “Usage of condoms”. Welcome to the world of Ignorance, dear.

no condom ads

4. What will be the fate of our movies, now, where heroines don’t have clothes on their bodies?

You can count on fingers, the movies in which a heroine is completely covered. Like a normal girl. In most of our movies, there is too much vulgar language. I won’t talk about suggestiveness because the hero and heroine are all over each other and get it on with each other. It’s completely wild and vulgar. Oh, yeah, there are certifications! But, who follows them? If a movie is rated A, I still see many – many kids of ages 4 to 18 sitting in the movie hall, watching the A-rated movie that’s playing on the screen.

What difference does a condom ad make when they already watched THE ACT on a silver screen? At least, on a positive note, they’d be educated, one way or another.

5. Sex Education is a “Shameful” subject in India

Why do our teachers, parents and this society see the subject of sex as Shame, as a crime? Why is it still a hushed whisper? It’s not just sex, things related to “Human reproduction” and “Privates of humans” are taboo subjects. In schools, though these topics are listed in textbooks, teachers skip these lessons giving weird reasons.

Since boys might ask difficult questions, I won’t explain about Menstruation” this is the reason given by a biology teacher at my sister’s school.

6. Underwear and Bra ads?

Would you ban these essentials too, Government?

7. Besides, in today’s world, No Kid is truly innocent

I feel sad saying this but it’s true. Times are changing. Kids aren’t innocent anymore. They know too much. We should stop comparing the kids now to the times when we used to be kids. Those were not the days of Televisions and electronic gadgets. Those were the days of playing in the sun, constructing sand domes, riding our bicycles. Most of the time, we spent our lives on roads with friends. Kids these days are addicted to YouTube. They are electronic-kids. Whatever knowledge we gained from our curriculum textbooks, they’re gaining it from the Internet.

Even 11 year-olds know about sex. This is today’s world. Banning a condom ad will only create havoc in young and curious minds.

People “Speak their mind” on the issue of “No condom ads between 6AM to 10PM” –

They spoke their mind but in secret and not one person wished for TheMagzone to reveal their name. It’s sad actually; the fear and shame that consume a person when they talk about topics like “Sex” and “Condoms”.

  • It is a topic which has both pros and cons. If we look on the bright side, we, as adults won’t be bombarded with questions like “What’s a condom? Where is it used or how?” from children. (Laughs and ends the convo.)

  • A sensitive issue, actually. I won’t ask for condom ads to be banned because TV is the only medium that reaches uneducated areas. Ads educate people who aren’t aware. But, instead of regulating the timings, why not change the content in the ad? Don’t show the girl and the boy kissing or doing stuff. You’ve got advertising agencies. Be innovative instead of being evasive.

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  • If it concerns children, yes, these ads should certainly be banned. TV isn’t the only medium for education, right? There are other means too. You know it’s really embarrassing to be asked about condoms and sex stuff. Especially, if my kids ask me about it, I think I’ll fly into a rage. They aren’t supposed to know or get educated about condoms when they’re 12, right? There’s a time for everything and they’ll know when that time comes, I believe, without any ad to tell them of it. (From a Mother)
  • Haha. It’s hilarious! The timings of the ad don’t matter. ‘Coz the Government is educating people on using preventive methods to control HIV/AIDS and population. I’ve seen banners on roads with pictures, even! Children see them too, don’t they? So, what’s the point in banning an informative ad when it doesn’t matter?

This is it, folks! What are your views on the no condom ads rule? Let us know in the comments below!