Nivashya: I Feel Like I’ve Saved One Girl From Being A Victim Of Rape

The Story Of An Unknown Girl!

I was on my way back to home, suddenly I heard a voice saying “hey, miss stop!” The call was for me.

I looked back. There was a girl following me wearing purple kurti. She might be in her teens. Maybe 16 or 17, not more than that!

She:- Your ID card! I found it on the platform. I guess it’s an important thing to you.

Me:-  Ah! Yes, it’s really important. Thank you so much! 🙂

She:-  Needless ma’am! (she said with a smile)

I don’t know why. I don’t know how. But I sense the pain behind her smile. There was something in her face, in her eyes that spellbound me.

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Me: What’s your name?

She: Nivashya.

Me: Nice name though. What does it mean?

She: It means “Purity”.

Me: Beautiful name, What do you do? Any job or studying!?

She: I work. I had never been to school.

Me:  Oh! I’m sorry. What sort of job you do?

She: I am a “sex worker” ….!!!!

Her words hit my mind and heart so hard like anything. I was speechless. I had no words at that particular instance. I was not able to think whether I should console her or should I say sorry or blame this cruel world or blame God for not being merciful on this poor little angel.

She continues.

I’m a sex worker by choice as well as by chance. I am 18 years old and my mother passed away when I was 16. My father is a drunkard. I’ve two younger siblings.

I had gone through the worst time alone. My father raped the dead body of my mother and when she couldn’t satisfy his lust he raped me. Because he had no other option, he was having no money to pay for sex. So he raped me! I was unaware of all the laws and rules as I am uneducated plus I was left with the responsibility of my younger siblings. I worked as a labour but failed to run my family. Some girls live in my neighbour they told me that I can work for few hours and will get more than sufficient money to educate my younger siblings. So they took me to their boss, that’s how I stepped into this business. I do this work as a choice. I get a handful of money which is sufficient to run my family. And after attending one customer I feel like I’ve saved one girl from being a victim of rape anywhere on earth and this gives my soul a pleasure of satisfaction. I’m happy with my job!

Her words were heart-wrenching. They forced me to write and share her story. For society, she may not be pure. But for me, she is “Nivashya”  

“Bodies were together but souls were apart,
many touched her skin but no one ever touched her heart,
the grace of her flesh was gone
But ‘Prostitute’ she still has that mark”

Many girls in our society are being victimised in their own homes, by their own people. We teach our daughters not to trust strangers but they are not safe inside their own home.

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