If You Don’t Have A New Year Eve’s Party Plan, Then Try These!

Don’t you have a plan for the coming new year eve, while all your friends are going out? Don’t worry, there are better ways to spend your last few hours of 2017 than spending it in clubs and bars.

Nothing is better than spending your time at the most beautiful place on earth: Home, obviously.

1. Popcorn and Music

It is probably the most chilling way to enjoy when you are alone tonight. Bring some popcorn, pop it in a cooker, grab a bowl, and jump on your couch with the bowl. Play some good music creating a great atmosphere and relax.

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2. Make The Bold Move Tonight

Call your loved one over your place tonight. Wait for the right time, at 11:50 take your beloved to the balcony, talk about work and weather for some time. When you hear people shouting, you know it’s 12:00 am, get on your knees and propose your love. It’s the best way to start your new year, trust me. (Girls don’t worry, break the stereotype and propose him, it will be so adorable, trust me).

3. Bake Some Cake Or Cookies

You can do both. More food, more happiness. Baking will be a great way to enjoy yourself. Also if you wanna learn how to bake one, the best options are Chocolate cake, brownies or cookies and special vegetarian brownie. Call your best friend over, and show off your baking skills.

A person with oven mitts is loading the oven with a tray of muffins

4. Biryani and Gulab Jamun

One of the best combination to enjoy. Grab your phone, order some Chicken Biryani and enjoy your Biryani. Because Biryani is bae.

5. Grab a Beer and order some French Fries, Play Cards and Gossip around

Call some friends over and enjoy your own house party. I know sharing french fries is hard, very very hard, but make it a little tougher for yourself and add Piri Piri.

6. Try Barbecue Grill

Make sure the best cook in your group does it. Because nothing is better than chilling at your place with your closest friends. Grab a Seekh, and grill some chicken or paneer.

7. Ice Cream and Movies

If you are having a bad time, don’t worry the upcoming year is bringing a lot of new, perhaps good things. Don’t worry, just relax and enjoy your ice cream on this chilled winter night.

8. Take a Blanket and Sleep

If you really ain’t that excited about the new year and feel that every year is the same, take a blanket and sleep. I know you think that it’s just a digit that changes and it’s you who would change your life and not another year. (Never listen to the people who say you don’t enjoy your life, sleeping is the best way to enjoy life)

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The MagZone wishes you a Happy New Year 2018 in advance!

What is your New Year Eve’s Party Plan? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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