What Should You Never Try In Life?

While people are often flooding you with advice on what you should do in life, we found a guy whose ‘gyaan’ on what you shouldn’t do in life is darn serious, and well, on point. In this Quora thread called What should you never try in life?, Aditya Salunkhe rolls out some real gems that could save you from wishing SOS later! Read on.

Periods! Yep, that’s the term for those days. Just telling!

Never irritate a girl, even by asking for a pen when she’s suffering from cramps in her ‘those’ days! You’ll literally see her turning into bloodhound!

Now that I think of it, it may be possible, you see?*wink*

Never ever try to convince a vegetarian guy that eating vegetables is causing global warming. We’re already pissed with your logic.

Couldn’t agree more on this one though!

Never ask a person in relationship to consider cheating as a way out. Because if they can do it for you, they might do the same with you!

But the heart wants what it wants, and regrets later! Phew!

Never agree to any marriage or relationship if you’re not sure. You’ll end up destroying a hell lot of lives.

And Karma is a bitch, you know right?

Never try mocking underweights, nerds, obese with your harsh behavior. You have no idea what they have been through.

Bad guys ARE attractive, only if for the time being. That’s the whole damn issue!

For girls, never show your lust towards bad guys doing drugs, hitting on every other woman, mocking them like animals. For you’ll end up creating wrong intuitions for the few good men almost on the verge of extinction!

Fair point well made.

For guys, never objectify women. Calling some random classmate as your ‘bae’, cat-calling her often damages her self-esteem.

Yes, let your child dream, ON HIS OWN.

For parents, never try forcing your ambitions, dreams upon young kids. You had your entire life to seek them.

Celebrities will bicker and later get back together. So just chillax!

Never participate in celebrity cold wars. You’ll always end up frustrated. Instead sit back and enjoy the show.

Well maybe!

Never try begging your partner to stay after a breakup. There’s nothing more beautiful than an independent & confident soul walking off easily with pride.

Haha! I will personally keep this one in mind.

Never say hi/hello to a Quoran and then vanish into thin air.

There, I did it, Aditya! Now smile.

If you like any answer, never leave it without upvoting. Your upvote can bring motivation & smile on someone’s face.

That gyaan was much needed, right?

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