What is Encryption and Why You Need It?

need for encryption

Well more than the companies the idea of Encryption has come under lot of controversy and scrutiny recently. For most users, the whole idea of Encryption remains shrouded in mystery. In this post I try to take a hook at Encryption and explain the need for encryption in today’s world.

So, recently while scrolling down my twitter feed I came across this crazy Tweet:

What exactly is Encryption and the need for encryption

Definition of Encryption

The idea about encryption revolves around the art of converting any piece of data into a secret code which cannot be understood by everyone. But to be fair with the definition let’s take an example:
So here is a simple text:
hello abhishek
ifmmp bcijtifl

Most of you might have guessed it by now. If not, here every letter has been changed to its successor according to alphabetical series. This is one of the oldest method of encryption known as Caesar Cipher. In such an encryption, a key which is generally a number is used to shift your letters or numbers. This was made during Roman era by Caesar for hiding messages from enemies which bring us to our next point.

need for encryption

Purpose of Encryption

As the fore mentioned technique, encryption was developed on the principle idea of protecting one’s data from others. It is an easy way to provide security and privacy by making sure your data is seen by those you meant to give the data to.

Present Scenario of Encryption

Today’s world is mostly encrypted. From your passwords to your images everything is pretty much encrypted to make sure none of your data is misused. Data is one of the most important resources in the world and keeping it protected is necessary. Thus, many IT Companies make sure their client’s data remains secure and protected. So, their developers have developed encryption algorithms which on use make sure that even the companies can’t access their client’s data making it only available to the client.

need for encryption


But the recent events like the multiple cases against Apple have brought the idea of encryption under a new light. Encryption provides security and privacy to user but what if the user was a criminal or terrorist? So, what do we do then?. This question has been going around for quite a while and I’ll try to answer. As I said earlier, today’s encryption techniques make sure that even the companies cannot access their client’s data. At this point the question is, should we be asking companies to break their own products? And the answer remains very simple, they themselves can’t do it. It’s very hard to nearly impossible to break the encryption. They were made for the purpose of being unbreakable.

So, what is the need for encryption?

To be factual, we are already a part of a world where data is the most precious commodity in the world. Forget gold, silver, etc if you have the right data and the right plan you can take over the globe over a night or less. In a world where such a small thing can lead to disastrous consequences, its important for us to protect our data and encryption is the way to do it.

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Need for encryption is the need of the hour.

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