6 Myths You Thought To Be True

Thanks to many old customs, and a lot of social media, we have a lot of myths stuffed in our minds. So much so, we actually believe them, every time.

Here are a few myths you thought were true, busted!

1. A person can sink into quicksand

So you are probably going to think that this is true, but in reality, it isn’t. Research shows that initially any object falling in a quicksand sinks a little, but as sand begins to gradually mix with water, the buoyancy of the mixture increases; floating the object back to the surface. So it is possible that a person dies out of dehydration or exposure. Well, you can blame the movies who made you believe this!

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2. The five second rule

Ever picked up a piece of your meal because it wasn’t five seconds although it had fallen on the floor? The five second rule, sometimes also the three second rule, is a western cultural food hygiene concept which says that it is permissible to pick up food after it has been dropped, exposed to contamination. It has, however, been proved that there is no specific relation between the amount of time a piece of food spends on the ground and the number of germs it picks up.

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3. People can slip on a banana peel

Banana peels are indeed slippery, but not slippery enough to cause a person to fall as they show us in movies or cartoon. If you don’t believe us, you can try it at your own risk and let us know in the comment section! 😉

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4. Shooting up a Scuba tank will blow it up

I can understand if you are disappointed. But puncturing the scuba tank ain’t gonna make it explode, though it will fly around like an air rocket.Image result for scuba tank explosion

5. Condoms make sex less fun

The correct size of the condom can enhance the experience for both the partners. A survey shows that more than 60% men selected the wrong shape or size of the condom. Anyway, myth busted – you can thank us later!

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6. Nails shouldn’t be cut at night

You probably might have heard your mother or grandmother say this when you wanted to cut your nails at night. This advice has been passed on for generations now. There have been quite some logical reasons for it. In those times, there was no electricity, and hence no light, making their disposal difficult. Leftover nails are a threat to hygiene and might cause an allergic reaction if mixed with food unknowingly. Also, people used knives for trimming nails, which means there was a risk of injuries and bleeding. This discouraged this practice at night. But this can be called a myth now as there is no exposure to any difficulties or injuries these days!

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