5 Myths Related To AIDS And STD You Should Know To Enjoy Safe Sex

Myths Related To AIDS And STD

Hurry up! Close your window blinds. Lock your door. Now! You are going to read some crazy topic here. Yes. I am going to use some don’t-listen-to-words. HIV. AIDS. STD. SEX. Cringing, rolling eyes and twitching lips staring at screens have one thing in common; they were kept ignorant for a long time regarding AIDS and Sex. These two words are enough to turn papers, change channels and hide biology books.

Let’s move ahead and learn about myths regarding safe sex, which protects you against HIV and STD.

1. Every person with STD does not have AIDS

HIV infected person will have STD, but every STD patient does not have HIV. STD makes a person vulnerable to HIV. Although it is complex, its protection is easy. Condoms and other latex barriers are important for safe sex. Once infected, always infected. Protect yourself against it.

myths related to aids and std

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2. Even Virgins can be affected by STD and AIDS

This is a misconception people have that Virgins body is not a host of AIDS and STD. Virgins have no protection cover against AIDS and STD. AIDS can pass through needle and blood transfusion from an infected person and sex is not the only path of the virus. Few STD’s can pass through skin contact. So, no Virgin is a certification of safe sex.myths related to aids and std

3. Living conditions does not affect AIDS and STD

I don’t know who deceived this bizarre connection between living and deadly diseases. You better don’t be the one believing. AIDS and STD do not discriminate between rich and poor neither slum and urban. People working in any occupation can be the host of these diseases. So, don’t say, ‘He is the CEO, AIDS and STD are not his cups of semen.’

myths related to aids and std

4. Sleeping with one partner does not reduce the risk 

Even if you are ‘Ross’ of F.R.I.E.N.D.S (first episode), you are still at risk. You should know about your partner’s past sexual experiences. It can be worse than, knowing that your wife is a Lesbian.(Purely a reference, not to hurt anyone’s beliefs) Indian marriages proceed on trust, but be practical. Your partner’s virginity does not matter, but sexual history does matter. There is no wrong coming into the mutual understanding of taking the blood test before nuptials.

myths related to aids and std

5. Pulling out by the partner is not a protection

No! No! Pulling out by the partner does not protect you. A genital contract is enough to transfer AIDS and STD’s from your partner to you. Kindly note, the only way to know whether either of you is affected is only through blood tests. No symptoms are stamped on papers.

myths related to aids and std

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The best sex is safe sex. Go for it and don’t believe myths related to AIDS and STD. Let condoms make your experience awesome. Prevention is better than death.

Do you know more myths about stds? Share in the comments below!