Life is about choice. Some we regret some we’re proud of. Some will haunt us forever. The message: WE ARE WHAT WE CHOOSE TO BE.

– Graham Brown

Let me ask you a simple question, ‘What is Life?’ Each one of us will answer this question differently, and it’s absolutely fine because everyone has a different perspective of life. If you ask me, I’ll say ‘Life is a consequence of the choices we made in the past’ and I feel, I too am absolutely correct!

No matter what we are doing today, in which profession are we, what are the things we got in life and what all we lost, all those things, somewhere or the other have been shaped by the choices we made. That one moment, one second, one minute of decisiveness has moulded our present to this form and is constantly moulding our future too.

Most of us understand the significance of choices when our life takes an unexpected turn and diverges into two paths where, one is the road less taken, full of risk, unpredictability and passion; And the other is the road more traveled, leading to a so called ‘stable’ life ,though somber. This decision of life is the most crucial and strenuous too, because when heart wants to follow passion and travel the road less taken, mind pulls us to the predefined routes of life, which obviously looks more pleasing to the society!!

Remember, the people who ones traveled these lonely twisted roads of life are the ones we know today. No one ever remembered those who walked with the crowd. The choices they made in life were not simple, but they had the courage to stand up and fight for their life and the choices they made.

The ability to take responsibility of the FAILURE is also one of the important qualities we need to have before we make choices. If we fail in life with the choices we made, we should be able to accept it as our mistake and not curse anybody for the same. Be answerable to your own self.

So, Think hundred times before making a choice and taking a decision, but ones made, be confident enough never to think about it again.


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