My Chain Of Thoughts Were Broken When The Auto Driver Turned Left Instead Of Right

I have never been a very religious follower of idols. I don’t like sitting for hours in front of the sculptures, praying for life to be a little more happy, for a generous raise or for an amazing day or week or month.

But, I do believe in the Universe. I believe in encounters and coincidences. I believe in dreams and I like trying to figure out what do they mean. An encounter that can make you look towards life with an entirely different angle. Which makes you think, analyse, what could be the plan behind. Which makes you find a meaning in the meaningless.

It was a pleasant, sunny morning and I was ready to leave for work. I tried booking an auto through the app I used daily for the same and was having a hard time doing it. After the 7th or 8th attempts, I finally managed to get a ride. Already late, and too preoccupied with all the hustle and bustle going on in life, I quickly packed my lunch and boarded the auto, not paying much attention to the driver. The office has not been very favourable for the past few days. The mails that were to be sent, the mails that needed an action to be taken, the work that has been pending was all I could think about, and an arrogant lead along with all of this was just like a cherry on the cake.

I am a small person, with not a very vibrant personality, and I get scared easily if someone starts interrogating me for the work that I have done. I have screwed up a lot many times, going completely blank and hence losing all the credit for the days of effort I have put into something. So, the same thoughts were running through my mind, like a satellite that orbits around the earth. It just has a path to follow, travelling endlessly without any destination.

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My chain of thoughts was broken when the auto driver turned to a left instead of a right.
“Bhaiya, you had to take a left for the cyber city” I said, annoyed.
“Madam, petrol pump Jana hai.” (Madam I have to go the petrol pump) he replied.
I was about to snap back, complaining that he should have told me earlier so that I could have taken a different auto, but held onto it as I realized that I got the ride after a lot of effort, and it was not the driver’s fault.
I got off the auto and for the first time saw the driver. He was in his late 50s, zebra hairs, small neck, thick mustache. A little, funny looking man, scolding the young auto drivers for being lazy and not moving their auto quickly.
“Chaliye madam.” (Let’s go madam) he said, and I again sat in the auto to complete the rest of the journey.

I got lost in framing the answers to the potential questions that could be thrown my way that day. I was also thinking about how pissed off I was with my lead’s attitude.
“Bhaiya, take the second exit.” I remember keeping an eye on the road this time.
“Arey madam, don’t worry, humein Sab pata hai.” (I know everything) he replied in a mixed lingo, but I was still busy formulating my replies and statements that I did not pay much attention.

“Madam, ek baat batayein ?” (should I say something?)
And then it happened. When he questioned me.
“Yes bhaiya.” I asked nonchalantly, not too sure if he was about to complain about the roads in Gurgaon or the weather.
Madam, taking tension would not solve your problem.
Baffled, I looked at him in the rearview mirror. He was talking to me in perfect English. His tiny eyes, which were grey in colour as I now noticed were glued to the road.
“What Bhaiya?” I asked, still looking at him.
If you think you need to discuss something with your boss, then do it. Thinking unnecessarily won’t help you out.”
“Okay”, Was all that I could manage to say.
“But yes, do it when he is in a good mood. Else, it would only heat up the discussion.” He added, smiling.
By this, it was time for me to get off the auto. I started looking for the change in my purse, confused, bewildered when he again said a few more words of wisdom.
“If you are honest about your work madam, you don’t have to fear anyone or anything. And the rest of the things in life will happen eventually when it’s time. You might have heard the phrase, “time and tide wait for none.”.
I nodded.
“The stars will take care of everything else. Have a good day madam.”

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I told my mom and she asked me to go to a temple, as she thought it was an avatar that came to guide me through.

But for me, that was the Universe. It planned a perfect encounter for me, in this not so perfect world. It was not a fragment of my imagination, but maybe it was a glitch in the system this all works. It was a moment of impact in this world that is being weaved, unwoven, in this endless space.

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