Music – An Art Of Expression

by Shivam Anand

Canary, a bird which in itself is so melodious that you feel to have stepped into paradise once hearing it. The beauty of its warbling is so captivating that it completely reliquishes you heaven-bound. That’s the charm of pure and calm music. Believe it or not but every time you connect to some eternal mojo. You might have heard much of ‘Mian Tansen’, he was a miracle himself. Of all his famous stories that we have heard of, my personal favourite was  that he brought down the rains performing ‘Raga Megh Malhar’. Now one can imagine how powerful  an art of producing music can be. Its just not the sound, its the feeling connected to it that enthralls a soul. One doesn’t simply say ‘Music is life. Music is remedy to all my sufferings’. He knows the significance of blood running into his veins and so of the music in his life.
Now talking on very practical grounds, for a while let’s just imagine how and what it would have been if we had no music? Surprised ehh? Finding hard even to imagine? So it is. It would have been deadly monotonous. Its like running arid of a joyous life. Just remember the times you were happy, music quadrupled the happiness. You were sad, it calmed you. You were tired, it brought you serenity. Prayers are delivered in music. Of course we all have been to restaurants, now it adds cherry to the good atmosphere prevailing when you have a good music running in the background and not to be surprised with the fact that we have it for every mood, so beautiful it is! It is an expression to feelings.
Undoubtedly, it brought colours into human life. It is eternal and immortal. It never died, never fainted and will continue to enlighten every soul in this living universe.