Read To Know Why Mubarakan’s Mr. Gill Is Face Of A Tormented Bride’s Father.


Mubarakan was released worldwide on 28 July 2017 in 2350 screens in India and 475 screens overseas.

Mubarakan is tangled love stories of twin brothers, Karan and Charan who are nurtured in London and Punjab respectively. Infiltrated feelings and flipped sides are an entertaining element of the film. Every character was given its space and expressed its emotions. One character which caught my attention in the crowded film is Mr. Gill, Sweety’s (Illean) father. It is character crafted to add humor to the screen, but also wriggled pain of bride’s father which is ignored easily.


As the movie is considered, misunderstandings and egos cause family rift ending up in a challenge. Karan and Charan’s family wounded at the beginning and stitched at the ending left a scar which will fade with time, but it emptied pocket of Mr. Gill. On a drunken night, Mr. Gill nods his head to the destination wedding in London to satisfy the ego of his samdhi. He believed his 4000 (four thousand) tractors are useful for his daughter’s wedding and nothing beyond that will need his assets.

In any case, the wedding is implanted burden on bride’s family in patriarchal society. The bride’s family is a credit card which is scratched every occasion. In this movie, Mr. Gill from ‘Gill uncle’ became ‘card uncle’ just to satisfy not needs but the egos of the groom’s family. Karan’s family is pampered by the bride’s family who is one of the richest families in London and Gill, who is moderately rich is left with no other option than to please self-image of Baldev (Charan’s father, played by Pavan Malhotra).


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Accordingly, his expenditure began from flying brought to London and continued accommodating them in a most expensive hotel. He regretted his decision of lodging, but didn’t take a step back thinking ‘What will people think?’ His card scratched for all the occasions. Sweety in one scene precisely states that her father is ragged and left with 20% of his assets in the name of marriage. People laughed and swam in the stream of the movie.

As a matter of fact, real life wedding empties not only pockets but also lockers and bank accounts. Properties are sold to fund ceremonies and loans are taken to decorate bride like a mannequin in gold. I have seen pricing of man in the market of marriage (My sympathy is with you guys!) who are exchanged for the gifts (literally to be mentioned in quotes). I saw bride’s family going around fulfilling their wishes. Decorations and buffets are compared so everyone wants to stand out. The bride’s family does their best to the budget until the wishes of grooms pour in comparison to some others. The wedding became a competition. Marriages from tying relation of two families are transformed into a tiered display of emotions. Bride’s families are still paying their price at the thought of marriage; indeed I have seen paid interest for loans after years of marriage.


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Ultimately, even in this century marriage is less of a celebration of relationships and more of a bargaining expenditure for the bride’s family. It is egoistically satisfactory display in discriminating society. There are fathers like Gill selling their assets as collateral damage of someone else’s self-image with a smile hurting their cheek bones.

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