18 Movies Like Gully Boy To Inspire You

Movies like Gully Boy
Movies like Gully Boy

We have all hollered to “APNA TIME AAYEGA” in the award-winning movie Gully boy. In hopes that our time actually comes. India’s nomination for Oscars is on its way to becoming a cult classic in Bollywood. Check out these similar movies like Gully Boy which as Inspiring as the former one.

1. Village Rockstars

Movies like Gully Boy

India’s Official entry for 91st Academy Awards and ‘Best Feature Film’ at the National Film Awards, Village Rockstars is the story of 10-year old Dhunnu, who lives in a small village in Assam and dreams of owning a Guitar and performing her own band.

Its self-taught director, Rima Das is an inspiration herself. You should definitely watch Village Rockstars if you are looking for similar movies like Gully Boy.

2. Margarita With A Straw

Movies like Gully Boy

Wheelchair-bound Aisha with cerebral Palsy moves to New York to attend NYU and goes on a path of self-discovery about life, relationship, and sex.

Her complex relationship with a blind girl throws in emotional moments in the mix. Check out this rebellious girl’s personal adventure to fit in the world.

3. Rock On

Movies like Gully Boy

A story of four friends who create a band ‘ Magik’ and try to make it big in the music industry. It follows their rise, fallout and finally reunion. The film accurately depicts struggles faced by aspiring musicians.

Fame and fortune aren’t for everyone but if they work hard enough they can find redemption and contentment. A must watch for people who loved Gully Boy.

4. Wake Up Sid!

Wake up sid

An unambitious boy free-loading off his rich parents is forced to find a new perspective and reevaluate his life choices when he is faced with a headstrong, focused career women.

Sis’s breezy, free and chill life takes a 360 turn after he finishes college. Following the theme of ‘not everyone has it planned’ it focuses on walking, stumbling and finding your path.

5. Rockstar


Janardhan Jakhar, born in a middle-class family in Delhi dreams of being a big Rock star and is devoted to his practice. He understands that he needs to go through suffering to make good music, and decides to get his heartbroken by Heer.

See his journey from an aspiring musician to a misunderstood rockstar. Rockstar follows a very similar story like Gully Boy. It is a must watch if you’re into musical movies.

6. Nil Battey Sannata

Movies like Gully Boy

Literally translating to’ Zero divided by zero equals zero.’ This is a story of a mother-daughter relationship in a low income household. Dreams of the child and a mother’s expectation crisscross in this artistic, coming of age film.

We see a rocky relationship, smooth around the edges with a whole lot of tough love.

7. Padman

Movies like Gully Boy

Inspired by the life story of Arunachalam Muruganantham. Lakshmi, a welder in Nothern India decides to create and mass produce low-cost sanitary napkins after seeing the problems and stigma surrounding menstruating women.

8. Kai Po Che

Movies like Gully Boy

Three friends decide to open a cricket academy to train India’s next cricket stars. But their paths are lined with difficulties.

It is inspiring to watch them navigate love, religion, and natural disasters. Follows on the theme of friendship over everything else.

9. Tamasha

Tamaasha movie

Dev and Tara fall in love with each other after spending one week together in Corsica. Years late, Tara finds a transformed Dev. This is the story of loss of self identity due to shackles of the society.

Dev forgets his own true self after being forced to follow a trusted path in life of engineering and a weary corporate life.

10. Udaan

Udaan movie

A young, recently expelled student of a prestigious boarding school is now forced to return to his father who he has no met for a long time. He is faced with the dilemma of pursuing his own passion or surrendering to his father’s choice of career.

An honest, coming of age movie which every teenager will find relatable.

11. Stanley Ka Dabba

Movies like Gully Boy

Stanley, a ten-year-old boy who studies in an all-boys school in Mumbai never gets his own lunchbox under the pretext of his mother being away and shares tiffin with his classmates.

His teacher who forces kids to share his lunch with him decides to give Stanley an ultimatum. Either he brings his own lunchbox or else he will be expelled from school.

12. Dhanak

Dhanak movie

10-year old Pari and her little brother Chotu who is blind live in a small village in Rajasthan. They trek hundreds of kilometers to reach Jaipur to see Shah Rukh Khan who is setting an eye operation charity event in hopes of getting Chotu, an eye operation.

This story will make you cry, laugh and sob all under two hours.

13. Secret Superstar

Secret Superstar

A teenage girl coming from a low income family where in her mother is a victim of regular domestic abuse dreams of becoming a successful, singer and songwriter.

he finds her golden ticket when her Youtube video goes viral in which she has concealed her identity. Will she live her dream?

We will highly recommend Secret Superstar if you are looking for movies like Gully Boy.

14. ABCD: Any Body Can Dance

Movies like Gully Boy

When Vishnu is ousted from the dance academy he founded, he decides to get his revenge on his old partner by creating his own team and pitting them against his partner’s in a national level dance competition.

His true passion for dance and their team’s goal of staying true to themselves wil impress you.

15. Abhimaan

Movies like Gully Boy

When a popular singer (Subir) from Mumbai falls for a village girl (Uma) with sweet voice their life takes a turn. Subir decides to facilitate Uma’s career but soon she becomes more popular than huim.

Will his jealosy tear them apart?

16. Guru

Movies like Gully Boy

Gurukant Desai comes to Bombay in the 1950’s and soon becomes one of the biggest business tycoon’s in India. His rags to riches story is filled with numerous ups and downs.

It is a truly motivating peice to see him navigate relationships, class and setbacks in a commercial Mumbai.

17. Iqbal

Movies like Gully Boy

Iqbal, a deaf and mute boy from an Indian village has a deeprooted passion for cricket and wants to play for the Indian Team someday.

With the help of his sister, he manages to seek tutelage of a retired alcoholic player. Without his father’s support and with his limitations will Iqbal be able to actualize his dreams.

18. Rock On 2

Movies like Gully Boy

The legendary band ‘Magik‘ decide to reunite with some new members for a charity concert in North-Eastern India but they face problems from the local authorities. With a disapproving authorities breathing down their necks will the band survive?

Gully Boy has obviously ruled our hearts. With an awe-inspiring album and a cast of tremendous actors it is a must watch on any list. Diligently portraying the theme of chasing your dreams despite having the odds stacked against you it is a success story from one of the poorest regions in the country.

Check out these films which you’ll surely appreciate if you liked Gully boy.

Did we miss any? Tell us your favourite movies like Gully Boy in the comments below.

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