37 Movies Like Drishyam To Watch If You Like Bollywood Suspense Movies

Movies like Drishyam
Movies like Drishyam

Bollywood has its fair share of thriller and mystery films. Drishyam was an artist’s work. Full of unexpected twists and turns, this movie kept us on the edge of our seats the whole time. Check out these 37 movies like Drishyam which will keep you biting your nails in anticipation.

1. A Wednesday

Movies like drishyam

A series of events on a particular Wednesday as recounted by a Police Commissioner leading to release of 4 terrorists and a bomb.

2. Andhadhun

Movies like drishyam

A blind man witnesses a murder and soon becomes an accomplice in another murder. Lines between truth and lies blur.

3. Kahani

Movies like drishyam

A Pregnant womentravels from London to Kolkata to find her missing husband but no one seems to know him. Something bigger than them is afoot.



When a women is accused of killing her lover, she hires a lawyer to help her. As the movie progresses, truth seems to have lost in a web of lies. Will the killer walk free?

5. Wazir


A grief-stricken cop becomes a pawn in a giant game of chess. With lies and death surrounding him , who will he trust?

6. Ittefaq


2 murders, 2 suspects and 2 version of the events. Who will the police believe. Will the killer be brought to justice?

7. Special 26

Movies like drishyam

A gang of conmen rob rich businessman and politicians by posing as income-tax officers. Will they be able to pull one last con?

8. Madaari


A common man taking an uncommon path to get justice.

9. Rahasya

Movies like drishyam

When 18-year old Ayesha Mahajan is found dead in her own bed, her parents become a major suspect in the crime.

10 Talvar

Talvar movie

Based on the 2008 Noida Double Murder case wherein Rajesh and Nupur Talvar become major suspects. An unsolvable mystery with a hint of theatrics.

11. Kartik Calling Kartik

Movies like drishyam

When Karthik starts getting calls from someone with his own name, his life seems to have changed for good.

12. 20 Saal Baad

Movies like drishyam

When deeds of the Thakur lead to a death of a young girl, her spirit decides to avenge herself by killing the entire family. Will the Thakur’s grandson survive?

13. Right Yaaa Wrong

Movies like drishyam

A friendly rivalry between two cops turns evil when a mujrder is commited. This court room drama has an extremely well directed climax.

14. Rustom

Movies like drishyam

A decorated naval law officer goes onto a sensational trial for the murder of his wife’s lover. The public debates between crime of passion and premeditated murder.

15. No One Killed Jessica

Movies like drishyam

A dramatized version of Jessica Lal murder case.Watch how news authorities and and the victim’s families work together to bring justice.

16. Trapped

Movies like drishyam

When Shaurya accidentally traps himself in his new apartment in a desolate building he must do anything to survive.

17. Madras Cafe

Movies like drishyam

Set in the civil war torn Sri Lanka of 1990’s, an intelligence officer must break up a rebel group.

18. One Day Justice Delivered

Movies like drishyam

When several high-profile individuals in state capital start disappearing, a special officer must investigate the crimes.

19. Talaash


While investigating a high profile murder case, Inspector Shekhawat is forced to face his own demons.

20. Ajnabee


A newlywed Raj and Priya decide to befriend their new neighbors- Vicky and Sonia. Things turn take a turn for the worse when Sonia is found murdered and Raj is blamed for it.

21. Blue


When a group of people decide to hunt for a lost treasure buried deep in the sea. They face unexpected challenges.

22. Aitraaz


When a man refuses advances made by his ex who is also his Boss’s wife, she accuses him of rape. How will he redeem himself?

23. Jazbaa


A lawyer must help a rapist walk free when her daughter is kidnapped.

24. Table No. 21

Movies like drishyam

A couple is thrilled to participate in a game show . But the game soon turns deadly and they must face the consequences of their actions.

25. Baazigar

Movies like drishyam

When Priya tries to find her sister’s killer refusing to believe the suicide note. She is faced with insurmountable odds.

26. Game

Movies like drishyam

A rich man accuses three people for the murder of his daughter after inviting them to his island. One of them is a killer and others are put on a clock to find the killer.

27. Mom

Movies like drishyam

A mom decides to avenge her daughter who was sexually assaulted at a party and bring the four perpetrators to justice.

28. Kaal

Movies like drishyam

A group of people go into the forest to solve mysterious deaths but they are haunted by supernatural forces and have to fight for their own survival.

29. The Body

The body

When a body of a woman disappears from the morgue, sinister things start unfolding. Will justice prevail?

30. Race


Two rich brother fight in the race of life to win their inheritance.

31. Mardaani

Movies like drishyam

A no nonsense cop decides to uncover child prostitution ring after someone close to her is kidnapped.

32. Kaun

Movies like drishyam

On a stormy night, with a serial killer loose a lone woman is forced to open her door to a stranger. g

33. Gupt

Movies like drishyam

When Sahil is wrongfully convicted for the murder of his father, he must prove his innocence and find the real killer.

34. Ek Hasina Thi

Movies like drishyam

When Sarika is duped by his lover and wrongfully imprisoned she decides to get revenge on him.

35. 7 Khoon Maaf

Movies like drishyam

Susanna’s pursuit of pure love and a perfect man she gets married several times each ending in a disaster.

36. 36 China Town

Movies like drishyam

An anonymous phone call directs a police officer to the scene of the crime but there is no corpse to be found.

37. Fida

Movies like drishyam

Lives of three people intersect in dangerous ways when a bank robbery and betrayal is thrown into the mix.

For all the adrenaline junkie like us, theses Bollywood suspense movies are effective solutions. These Hindi thriller movies will leave you on the edge of your seats.

Filled with plot twists you can never see coming, these movies like Drishyam are perfect for suspense movie nights.

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