by Amit Sharma

Just making sure,
You remember this day.
Writing down all pure,
The things I never say.

The things you do for me,
Counting them would be insane.
You brought me into this world,
Bearing the unbearable labor pain.

Gentle but strong,

You’ve been struggling for long.
Always wearing a smiling mask,
No matter how dreadful was the task.

Your harsh scolding,

A blessing in disguise.
Your gentle holding,
And you read the truth through my eyes.

Whenever I fell sick,

You spend the nights awake.
It was your magic trick,
That relieved me from any ache.

A working mother,
That’s very tough to be.
Unlike any other,
You’ve always got reason to glee.

Always wondering,

While I gaze.
How you hold up,
Through troubled days.

You taught me to treat everyone,
With politeness and grace.
Taught me to be positive,
And always wear a smile on my face.

Mother, mom, whatever it may be,
You’re none other but a true God to me.
No word, no phrase can ever define,
How YOU, mother, make my life such a divine.