Modern Day Laws of Friendship

They were the days of past when friendship was a relationship so pure and eternal, support and love were its basis and things would work without much effort. When you were tired of the world which would require all your energy, your efforts; you’d find solace in friendship. It would just flow, light and calm.

But today, the word remains the same, meaning changes. I certainly am not saying that friendship today is ephemeral, but a relationship not as easy as before.

Listed below are 5 laws of modern day friendship which many of you might relate to.

1. Say sorry
Gone are the days when one would mimic Salman Khan, “Dosti ka ek usool hai, madam. No sorry no thank you.” Not saying sorry goes beyond all the peripheries of one’s ego.
Third person: It’ll be okay if you apologize.
Me: Why should I say sorry, always?

2. Thank You Tere Pappa Bolenge?(your dad is going to thank me  ?)
Even if your friend offers you a packet of chips, instead of saying “arey nhi yaar“, say “thank you”. There are bright chances of your bond strengthening. One should be very very very grateful of whatever the other pal does, thank him often. (Sense sarcasm here, please.)

3. Party Kab Hai?(when’s the party?)
You’re buying a new phone or passing your semester, a treat in the canteen is a must. (Honestly, a reason does’t necessarily exists because when they ask you “jeb mei kitne hai”, you know you’re looted.)

4. Aakhir Dost Kiska Hai?
Believe me, if you’re getting a Nobel prize award, somewhere beyond the far fetched lands, there is a long lost friend who’d say “aakhir dost kiska hai?”

5. Meme tags

Yes, i caught you. right? Till the time your notification box isn’t full of names of your dear friends, you cannot call it a day.


If, in the midst of the modern day friendships, there are pals who have no pictures together and still talk for hours, or do not comment on each other’s display picture and go for long walks, I can then say, yes, you’re the best of friends, experiencing the joys of this beautiful relation.

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