8 Misconceptions About Singles That Need To Fly Away

Misconceptions about singles

Misconceptions About Singles

If you aren’t in a relationship, then dude, let’s high-five! Let’s welcome others into the world of singles. Being in a relationship isn’t bad, but that doesn’t mean it is good either. There are several misconceptions about singles believed by people.

A person who has a lover might preach about love, that you need a partner to get on with your life. In the darkest of days, it is only your soulmate who’ll be a shoulder for you to cry on. That it is only your significant other who’ll give you the strength to walk through the curviest valleys in your life. Yes, that’s absolutely true. Still, singles are stronger too. They are stronger than the committed ones.

Generally, the ones who aren’t single have their own ideas about “The Singles population“. Some misconceptions about singles need to be flushed out, asap.

Here is a list of some common misconceptions people have about singles.

1. Singles hate the concept of ‘Love’

Really, now? Do they? Love is not confined to ‘couples’. There’s love among friends, between a parent and a child, between siblings. Being Single doesn’t mean they hate ‘love’. It just means that though they love ‘love‘, they don’t want to fall in love ‘so soon‘. Besides, singles give the best love advice.

Misconceptions about singles

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2. They are believed to be “Impotent”

Mainly in India, if a boy chooses to be single for a better part of his life, you will certainly hear this – “Maybe, the boy is impotent” or “I think he’s gay?“. What does being single and not getting married have to do with sexual activity? No, Singles are NOT impotent. They are sexually active. Some prefer their hands while some choose to play around. Simple.

Misconceptions about singles

3. Singles are Narcissists and Egotists

Ego” is a term often related to singles. Why? Because of lack of reasons as to ‘why they still aren’t in a relationship‘. They are often thought to be self-centered, which is bullshit, pardon my French. Instead, they are opposites. You can always rely on them for your ‘love’ issues. No one can understand better than them. They’ll gladly be your teddy when you’re in the harshest of pains.

Misconceptions about singles

4. All Singles are either virgins or players

Maybe, some really are virgins but NOT ALL. They aren’t entitled to an ascetic life just because they chose to Be Only One. You can often refer to these kinds of singles as ‘playboys’ and ‘playgirls‘. Besides, they are judged for it. If they’ve done IT, they’re looked down upon and if they haven’t, still, they are looked down upon. Pity.

Misconceptions about singles

5. Singles come under “Rejected in Marriage proposals” list

It’s not the singles who are rejected but the singles are the ones who reject marriage proposals offered to them on a platter. It doesn’t mean that they hate marriage ‘coz you can find them loitering about freely in their friends’ marriages. The idea of being tied down to a particular person ‘scares’ them. They fear the loss of ‘freedom’.

Misconceptions about singles

6. Singles might be ‘suicidal’ and ‘pessimistic’

The biggest myth! Just because they choose to be alone doesn’t mean that they are ‘lonely’ and suffering from ‘depression’. It doesn’t qualify them to be suicidal maniacs. I’ve heard people ask questions like, “Are you heart-broken from your previous relationship?” or say things like, “Why do say that we’re not meant to be?! Besides, it’s not your fault, you can’t understand, you’re single, no?” FYI, they are the happiest and the most optimistic guys alive and running.

Misconceptions about singles

7. Singles hate babies

Just because they don’t like giving birth to a baby doesn’t mean that they hate pregnant ladies or just born babies.

8. Singles are Ugly. If you’re pretty, you aren’t single

Oh my God! You’re so pretty! I can’t believe you’re still single. Are you shy, perhaps?There are guys who are damn handsome and are still single. Likewise, there are women who are pretty and single. This is another misunderstanding that needs to go.

Misconceptions about singles

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Everyone is entitled to live his/her life in his/her own way. Whether you’re single or in a lovely relationship, it’s your choice. ‘Coz each is beautiful in its own way. In the end, all that matters is whether you’re happy or not. Single or Not.

Are you depressed about being single for so long? Can you relate to these misconceptions about singles? Tag them in the comments below and let them know that their decisions are always respected!

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