9 Reasons Why Millennials Are Better Than Gen X

Why Millennials Are Better Than Gen X?

While the word “Millennials” immediately strikes an inveterate image of a lazy fellow, indecisive of what to do of his life, in the minds of older generations, I guess we are actually quite sorted out in our own ways. Fortunately, though, we, the current generation, don’t give in to the stereotypical impressions forced upon us. As a generation millennials are better, we might even turn out to be one of the best generations yet! Here’s Why Millennials are better than Gen X:

We’ve our minds sorted out.

Even though Gen X finds us extremely clueless, we are quite clear in our heads as to where we want to go or what we want to do. We know our likes and dislikes, and also find ways to fuel our ambitions. We’re even aware of our situations and do not hesitate to accept it within ourselves.


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We might be the most educated generation the world has seen.

If we see the generation timeline, education has never been of more importance before. We’re creating an entire new era of educated, talented youth which are going to be the leaders of tomorrow.

We’re informed about the world.

We keep up with the world. We keep a watch on what’s happening around us. Not all of the time spent on social media is wasted, it keeps us updated on the current world affairs of every kind. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr are not as useless as Gen X thinks them to be!

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We do not mind raising our voice on crucial affairs.

Be it violence, rape, kidnappings, politics, mental health issues or sexism, we voice against what we think is unfair and spread awareness about it to garner more support to fight back.

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We’ve set our priorities straight.

We have made a priority list about our preferences. We know what we want to pursue at which point in life. Wedding pressures are ignored by millennials – age is just a number and marriages can be pursued only after ticking off certain things from our bucket list.

We’re creative in our work.

Now, when it comes to work, millennials are extremely hard working and creative. We find innovative ways to do things. And also find different and completely fresh ideas to execute which break the monotonous tone.

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We’re well acquainted with the technology.

Millennials love technology. And even though the constant connectivity and sharing may have some drawbacks, it has various positives too. We stay updated on our news, helps us stay connected to various people overseas, any kind of information is easily accessible to us, thanks to internet and we utilize it to the fullest.

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We’re more chilled out about relationships, breakups, sex and homosexuality.

Fussing about these things seems pointless to Millennials. We accept that people fall in love, fall out of love, and we understand that. Sex is not a taboo – and we’re not crazy about it. We also seem to be the most accepting clan when it comes to homosexuality, again, not making it a big deal to fuss about.

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We are pragmatic thinkers.

We live in a particular society which has embraced a particular system for everything. We realize the faults in the conventional methods, thoughts and theories and constantly question (many times) the messages that are put out in front of the public via various media. We are ready to change the world and step up for the change.

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These clearly show why Millennials are better than Gen X. Which generation do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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