YouTuber Mikey Bustos Parodies Will Surely Shake Your Wits

Are you under a lot of stress? Do you ever feel like you’re in need of a hearty laughter? Of course, there are many ways to relieve stress. But, boredom? No smiley ball would cure it. Not even a fidget spinner. YouTube provides us with a load of options which make sure that we break into a fit of laughter. And parodies are no exception. Have you ever heard of the channel Mikey Bustos?

Mikey Bustos

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He’s a Filipino Canadian singer and a comedian, who has two accounts on YouTube – AntsCanada and Mikey Bustos. In the latter channel, he uploads parodies of famous songs, the recent sensation being – Despacito Parody.

Let’s start with a few parodies and my reviews on them. They are really quite hilarious!

1. Look What You Made Me Do – I put it in my soup

Taylor Swift’s Look what you made me do song has been more than sensational, also in a way, a bit Gothic. It was so dark – it was a bad Renaissance in a good way. Many controversies lurked around the corner when this song was released.

Now, Mikey Bustos sang a parody named I put it in my soup. It was a complete reversal of the situation portrayed in the original. The way Mikey Bustos turned the tables and exposed his parody to a light of laughter tinged with lighthearted wit is worthwhile to watch. You’ll puke at the end though, when he puts dust bunnies and bubble gum into his soup, apart from all other unnatural ingredients.

Warning: He’s no chef so please don’t try the recipe at home.

2. Despacito – I Wear Speedos

Personally, this one’s my favorite. For various reasons. One, Despacito song is so damn hard to sing. Bustos sang it and he didn’t let down Luis Fonsi. Every octave – he nailed it! Even the rap part of Daddy Yankee. Two, the lyrics! The lyrics were so goddamn hilarious. Also, he included his Filipino culture – he does that in all videos, mostly. He declares that men can wear speedos to beach because women are allowed to wear a two piece. Finally, speedos become Mankini.

The sensuousness of Despacito is not lost in its parody. Only, there is a man instead of women.

3. Swalla – I use Tabo

Tabo is a Filipino word for what we call “The Bathroom Mug”. It is a multi-purpose device and we use it often, don’t we? In this parody, Bustos lists out the uses of Tabo in an exact musical copy of Jason Derulo’s Swalla. With a couple of girls scattered about in the background, he tried a decent impersonation of the girls in the original song. All in all, he declares quite boldly that a tabo filled with water is better than toilet paper. And that, it’ll keep you squeaky clean everywhere.

4. NO – F-I-L-I-P-I-N-O

Meghan Trainor’s NO is packed with Feminism in any angle you view it. Just a spicy twist to it Bustos remakes it to suit his needs. In this parody, he lists out all the characteristics of Filipinos in a detailed way. A few of them are – Filipinos use tabos; they have slanted and sloped eyes; can’t grow a goatee; they eat lots of rice for lunch and that they use hands to pack meat and rice into their mouths. Wooden spoon and fork are for decorum unlike their usage in US and UK. Finally, if you say psst and heads turn towards you, they are definitely Filipinos.


Apart from parodies, he does a lot many videos, including daily vlogs. Parodies are hits though. If you are ever bored and lethargic, you can go to his channel Mikey Bustos and binge-watch his videos. Stress relief! There are other channels too, like, Superwoman, Liza Koshy, Ashish Chanchlani, Risshome and Viva, Chai Biscuit(if you can understand Telugu orelse, you can always opt for captions in English) and many more. Go and have a good laugh and you can bust your own stress.

Mikey Bustos
Superwoman Lily Singh and Liza Koshy

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How did you like the parodies? Let us know in the comment section below!


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