7 Reasons Why Spreading Mental Health Awareness Becomes Crucial

We live in an era where work stands as the second name for life. While running in this hamster wheel we become so caught up that tripping and falling is almost inevitable, this is where the knowledge of mental health awareness comes. Some overcome their frustration, feeling of discontent and stress, while others are easily prone to mental disorders.

Mental disorder is an umbrella term for a wide range of conditions that affect our mood, thinking and behaviour. Today, mental disorders have gained quite a popularity among the masses, where some regard it as something calling for immediate care and attention, while others just blow it off labelling these disorders as temporary problems or issues that are nothing but mere makings of the mind. Nevertheless, a wide network of activists, psychologists, psychiatrists, NGOs and other public figures have started addressing these issues, speaking frankly about them and working for the cause of spreading mental health awareness. It’s about time we stepped out of our cocoons and recognise the need of assistance.

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When you talk about any sort of illness, what’s at stake is a person’s life. But we seem to underestimate the idea when it concerns mental health. One jovial person who is the most socially appealing might be dying from within without even you being aware of it. You do not know the power of suicidal thoughts and what repercussions they hold. It’s a lot easier to identify someone battling a physical ailment and might be even easier sometimes to predict his/her lifespan, but in case of mental disorders, you never know what’s happening next. Spreading mental health awareness will let a common man who isn’t a veteran in psychology identify the early signs of mental dysfunction and let him know when to seek and offer help.

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Compassion is what binds us together irrespective of our race, sex, religion and other identities, so how can we neglect the mere aspect of its existence that sustains our survival. The young boy in your neighbourhood who spoke about how unstable his mental state is and you waved him off considering he is seeking attention (seeking attention instead of help!) throws himself off the rooftop a week later. How would you feel? Will regretting it and not sympathizing or showing empathy towards him bring him back to life?

Mental health awareness can help fuel the fire of humanity and common brotherhood with an urge to extend a helping hand to all those in need.

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Stigma! Well, again. 

Your daughter is battling through a mental illness and needs help, but all you could do is worry about the word leaking and the chances of her getting a nifty groom, deteriorating. The fear stemming from the stigma might cost you a life.

We tend to have a stigma attached to almost everything and anything under this sun. Social stigma is something that ruins any sheer and makes it impossibile for a person struggling with a mental disorder to ask for help or to speak about their sufferings. What awareness does is, it annihilates to some extent the stigma attached to mental health disorders and increases the chances for many to speak and seek assistance.

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“Once afflicted by a mental disorder, you’ll never be able to get rid of it”

“Mental disorders are genetic”

“Mental disorder is just a temporary result of stress”

“Knowing more about mental illness makes you think you’re suffering from it”

This is just one little glimpse of a few myths. Myths are unproven facts that generally do more harm than good to the topic of the question. Unless you debunk them, unless you disapprove them, there’s no hope of recognizing and assisting those who need you, let alone curing and healing them.

Next time a person connotes the chances of your future child being mentally malfunctioning to some extent just because you were suffering from depression, thank them for the useless, free foretelling and move ahead without a care of the word.

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Crying out for help is not an act of cowardice and you need to thoroughly understand this. If you seek help and choose to open up to a close one about your sufferings, then my dear, you are the bravest of all the soldiers out there. Seeking help is the first step towards healing and unless you get it fixed in your mind there’s very little hope of your recovery. Let the world know about your bravado. Let your struggles be the marks of your strength. Once the importance of spreading mental health is known to the masses, I bet many will come forth speaking about their distress and will ask for a helping hand with no shame, remorse or guilt.

Imagine a person who was suffocating with depression fearing to ask for help come forward and speak up, just because your words provided inspiration to them.

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After identifying the distress and the person suffering from it, the most important thing might not be understanding it’s causes but understanding what it’s consequences can be. Once you have a deep understanding of what might cost the person, learning about the causes happens naturally and offering of help is more genuine and hearty. When you know you have a poor heart and may die of a heart attack, you’d naturally call the seventh sky for help and start analysing what caused it.

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Unless you understand the importance of a social, political or a psychological cause and what benefits it reaps, volunteering for that cause might seem fruitless or worthless. But once there is a better knowledge of how important it is to keep the wheels of awareness from getting punctured, more and more warriors will lift their swords of empathy and help. The world could become a safe heaven for those who felt that it sucks to stay alive.

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Change is never easy. And to some people, it’s nearly impossible to adapt to changes. But spreading awareness about the importance of mental health will be a great step in helping those in need.

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