Menstrual Issues, Period Odour, Too Much Money Spent On Sanitary Pads? Change It With A Cup!

Sorry boys, this is not for you. 

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Every month there is this repeat episode of pain and irritation of the menstrual cycle. More than this the irritation of changing pads and staying in the uncomfortable zone for such a long period time. Really sucks the blood.

And today we introduce THE CUP. A new female hygiene product that has reduced this situation of irritation.

What is THE CUP?

The Lunette #menstrualcup in violet is the most popular color.

It is a flexible cup of medical grade silicone (it’s safe) worn inside the vagina during menstruation or periods to hold the menstrual fluid by absorbing it. Cheaper, practical and eco-friendly than the pads and tampons.

How to use THE CUP?

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It is really very easy when we talk about using it. It’s flexible and so is pinched or twisted and inserted into the vagina. Every 4-24 hours it needs to be removed (depending on the amount of flow and size of cup), cleaned and reinserted.

Easy way and comfortable product. What else can a girl ask for during this must biological crisis? Yeah! it can’t do anything with pain.

Which one is your CUP?

Find the perfect menstrual cup! They tested ALL of them to give you a better idea of what to try!

There’s a variety of cups that are available but the choice depends on the kind of flow, age, body types and other female factors. The keeper and the moon cups are longer in size and has proved to be good for the women leading a very active life e.g the sportswoman. Alike the FemmyCycle but this is not comfortable for the ones with low cervices.

Meluna cups have gained much popularity as they come in a wide range of sizes with customization. They are designed for the short cervices people. Same alike is The Luna cups that are designed for the short cervices and the wider vagina.
Diva cup is the longest and holds a lot of blood but then it is not for the short cervices.


Have you ever thought that behind the adds of “the cotton made pads” what can make the situation so irritating when they are really made of cotton? How they smell of sweet flowers (and that smell is pathetic)? They contain the secret ingredients of pesticides, GMOs, Dioxins, and fragrances which are responsible for cancer and other skin allergies.

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Tampons create a lot of waste. Seriously, a lot of waste. In a lifetime there is a use of 12,000 tampons per person which leads to 1.75 billion of waste every year. While talking about cups it is just 4 in a lifetime.

The cups are cost-effective, they cost more during one purchase but then it’s all about the one purchase. It hardly cost 20,000 rupees in a lifetime while we waste about 3 lakhs using tampons in one lifetime.

So when are you switching to cups? What are your views about Tampons vs Cups? Do let us know in the comment section below: