22 Best Melvin Louis Dance Videos

Melvin Louis dance videos
Melvin Louis dance videos

If you are crazy about dance, you have to know about Melvin Louis. This 32-year-old dancer is based out of Bombay. Melvin loves to travel and read, but most of all dance and choreograph. He is a self-taught dancer who happens to have almost 3 million Youtube subscribers. This social media influencer is an active Instagram-er. Melvin Louis collaborates with other dancers, actors, singers, or social media influencers. His choreographies seem effortless but we are sure a lot of work goes into them. One can easily follow his Youtube videos to learn a choreography. So, we have compiled the best Melvin Louis dance videos for your choreography classes.

22 Best Melvin Louis Dance Videos:

1. Ole Ole 2.0

2. Haan Main Galat

3. Coca Cola Tu

4. Kamariya

5. Hauli Hauli

6. Lahore

7. Laal Bindi

8. Lamberghini

9. Aankh Marey

10. Tu Cheez Badi

11. Lift Teri Band Hai

12. Tune O Rangeele

13. Gal Ban Gayi

14. Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal

15. Tamma Tamma Again

16. Nashe Si Chadh Gayi

17. Tareefan

18. Kala Chashma

19. Ghungroo

20. Closer

21. Tunak Tunak

22. Malhari

I bet it was super engaging to watch his Melvin Louis’ best videos showing superb choreography.

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