Meet World’s Strongest Beer, Snake Venom!

Beer lovers in the house?
Of course. Mostly all of us had our first encounter with alcohol through the supposedly harmless and utterly bitter beer, right?

Well then, you guys just cannot miss Snake Venom, officially designated as the world’s strongest beer with a whopping 70% ABV. Not just that, it’s comes with a warning label cautioning users of its extremely high alcohol content. Just so you know, regular beers contain less than 10% ABV, and whiskey ranges between 40-50% ABV. In easy terms, one bottle of Snake Venom is equivalent to 15 shots of hard liquor.

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A product of the Scottish brewery, Brewmeister, Snake Venom is made with smoked peat malt and both Champagne yeast and ale yeast. The brew is frozen multiple times during fermentation to give it its hoppy, malty, and fine taste.

Lab tests have confirmed the super strength of this drink, and it is suggested that you drink it slowly only in tiny sips. Patrons are cautioned not to guzzle more than 35 ml in a single sitting.

Prior to Snake Venom, the title for world’s strongest beer was still held by Brewmeister for Armageddon, which clocked in at 65% ABV.

‘The idea with Snake Venom was to produce something which still tastes like beer, not masked by a harsh alcohol flavor’, as said by Lewis Shand of Brewmeister.

The beer can be bought online for £50 a bottle.

So are you daring enough to try Snake Venom?

PS: We at TheMagZone do not promote alcohol consumption, drinking is injurious to health and should be done in the limits of enjoyment.

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