Meer- E -Kaarwan Is Not Just A Song, It’s A Journey In Itself

“Meer-e-karwan – Leader of a group.”

Not always do you hear a song that is a healer! We had “zindagi kaisi hai paheli” from Anand, Kal Ho Na Ho title track, “Tu koi aur hai”, from Tamasha and now, after a long time we have “Meer-E-Karwan”, the second number to be released from Farhan Akhtar’s Lucknow Central. Meer-E-Kaarwan song is a ballad, that you can hear almost every time while working, or relaxing. But you can let the song sink in with a cup of tea, sitting on your balcony, introspecting life, thinking about the road you have taken and the path still left to be travelled.

meer-e-kaarwan song

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Amit Mishra’s voice has complimented the song, the light guitar chords in between are soothing and the lines of the song sung by Neeti Mohan add to the beauty. The beats of dholaki, give you a slight traditional touch, with a contrast of electronic guitar. In short, the song is perfectly composed, with the apt blend of perfect voice and tune.

So, here are 5 reasons, why Meer-E-Karwan should be a part of your playlist:

1. Lyrics that touch the soul

At one point of time, the lyrics will remind you of Rabindra Nath Tagore’s Ekla Chalo Re. To give you an idea of how much I loved the lyrics, I have listened to this song on a loop for one complete day.

2. Not just meaning, depth as well

While today’s generation enjoys songs like “main Tera boyfriend, tu meri girlfriend”, this song feels like a fresh air with not just a meaning, but there is depth as well. You can read (or rather listen) between the lines. The kind of song that pushes you to think, not just listen.

meer-e-kaarwan song

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3. A complete package

This song comes like a gift hamper for the entire family. You’ll enjoy listening to it, so will your mom and dad. So if planning a family road trip, don’t forget to add it to the list.

4. Time to retrospect

This song gives you space and will bring you in the right frame of mind, to think about your life. Where have you been and where you are, the journey that has been made, and the journey yet to make.

5. Keep going

At the end, the song not only makes you feel a little light after a hectic day but also motivates you that no matter what comes along, no matter if you are alone or standing with100 people, it’s your way, and you have to walk it on your own, alone, if and when required.

So, congratulations to the team of Lucknow Central for this amazing number. 🙂

Do let us know what you think about Meer-E-Kaarwan song in the comment section below.