MASH Camp 2017; The Place You Need to Go If You Aim To Be A Change Maker

MASH Camp 2017

We hope the summer has treated all of you really well and if not, here we are, bringing to you, MASH which is welcoming you back, with a bang to their upcoming event MASH Camp 2017. To start with, a little information about them, here are their details in a nutshell.

About MASH Project

MASH Project is a youth-led non-profit organization which aims to build an ecosystem for young social change makers. It is spread across 6 major cities in India with a team of volunteers ranging from school and college students to young professionals. But if you’re still going to question your mind in and out searching for a reason to choose MASH camp then here it is.

  • From building personal relationships to elevating professional ones, the people at MASH Project believe that a team hardly succeeds unless they have fun together!
  • Every year, the end of July sees the MASH Family get together for the annual MASH Camp.

From stupendous workshops to enthusiastic entertainment sessions, from exuberant team building activities to delicious meals, from the relieving laughter yoga to fantastic department performances, and finally to the wonderful after party with snacks, drinks and dance; MASH Camp ’16 was one to remember. We hope they make this year’s MASH Camp of a different class and take it one step ahead with an exciting theme and a mind blowing experience!

So, moving on to the values of MASH, they are Learning, Leadership, Inclusiveness, Fun and Excellence. MASH makes sure of inculcating these values into everybody, as crucial pointers in life and aiding everyone in molding their lives into actualizing their dreams and watching them come alive. Along with appreciating their ambitions, they also help culture take a prominent hand on their events where all of them sit together and engage themselves in issues that affect us and share problems in and out, learning gradually throughout.

So, a year after the revelry this 29th and 30th July they bring to you MASH Camp 2017. To help you in reliving the moments in remembrance and making you experience it for real.

What All They Are Going To Have In MASH Camp 2017

The Dias Foundation with the Training Session on Team Building

MASH Camp 2017

Manu Singh, with an amazing session on spirituality and mindfulness.

MASH Camp 2017

Rubhen D’sa, an amazing session on music and poetry covering love, life and everything general.

MASH Camp 2017

Ansh Ranvir Vohra, who is going to take an insightful session on storytelling.

MASH Camp 2017

Chhaya Dabas, discussion on Literature, Language, Societal Concepts.

MASH Camp 2017

They will carry the agenda of the event for two days and a fitness extravaganza by Zumba trainers.

And to set afire MASH Camp 2017, they will conclude with department performances (*recalls CDD’s performance*)

Date: 29th July & 30th July 2017
Venue: 91springboard E-43/1, Okhla Phase II, New Delhi 110020

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What Are You Waiting For? Add Fun To Your Weekend And Attend The MASH Camp 2017 on 29th & 30th July.