Mark Zuckerberg Finally Gets His Harvard Degree, A True Inspiration To All Of Us

Earn First. Get A Degree Later.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, one of the most famous dropouts of Harvard and the owner of a social media website having 2 Billion users, finally returned back to his university to achieve his honorary degree. Mark Zuckerberg gets his degree and shows us the importance of it even after you turn into a billionaire.

The 12-year dropout posted a photo with his degree on his personal Facebook profile and let his followers know about his achievement. Zuckerberg got his degree a lot quicker than Bill Gates who did not get his honorary degree until the fall of 2007.

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Mark posted this update on his profile today:

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At The time of receiving his degree, Mark was the sixth richest man on the planet, adding him to the list of those few dropouts who turned up into billionaires later.Yesterday, Mark and his wife Priscilla visited his old Harvard room where he along with his friends created Facebook in 2004, which is a 40 Billion Dollar company today.

Harvard has a long list of dropouts from Bill Gates and Matt Damon, who have further turned into a billionaire and have achieved the global landmarks. Mark added his name to this list when he dropped out his degree in 2004 and hacked into Harvard’s servers to come up with “the facebook”, the older form of

Now Since Mark has got an Honorary degree, it shows us the important of being a graduate even if you land up as one of the richest people of the earth.

Zuckerberg is a true inspiration to all of us and certainly give us another “Life Goal”.

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