Male Escorts: A Shady Business

Have you ever wondered about shady businesses? How shady and dark they are and such?

It’s not new if we revert back to the always out-in-the-open issues like child trafficking, human trafficking or the other one, most widely known as the sex trafficking. I don’t intend to say that they are topics which needn’t be considered but, there are certainly other issues which we aren’t aware of.

The reasons being, these issues are never published on newspapers that we read daily. Nor does the media telecast them.

If a girl is raped, if a child is kidnapped or if some prostitutes are jailed due to a raid, it’s big news! Everyone is very deeply interested and go so far as to invest their time in arriving at meaningless conclusions either about the victims or about the criminals. We all aspire to be judges of something we literally have no idea of.

What we decide is based on what we see. And, what we see is based on how the news was meant to be rather than a pure reality.

One such shady business, which we don’t come across, is “The Escort Business”. Or, to put it bluntly, it’s nothing more than “Male Prostitution”. What I know is a little and here I share my views.

Who are Escorts?

I would like to use the dignified term to refer to such males. There are other terms to name them too. A few of which are, gigolo, hustler, host, and so on. They’ve got such names because each name serves a specific purpose in the dictionary of “The Escort Business”. These men are young adults between the ages 18 – 26 and sometimes, they are even as young as 12 years old. The 12-year-old boys are used as dancers while the majors are used for pleasure services.

In Japan, these escorts, also known as Hosts, have host clubs that run during the nights, after 8 pm till the wee hours in the morning. They also work as pretend boyfriends if any customer wishes. Also, they have rates and I say, some might even earn more than call girls.

How do they work?

It’d be unusual and widely publicized if they were to work in the same fashion as female prostitutes. Escorts have a very dignified way of working with their clients in the offline business. They have websites where men are for hire and the online business is more of a direct approach.

The online services include massage services (indirect), where in young boys are paid on an hourly basis. 30 to 40 minutes for sensual massage to their clients and the remaining time, well, you should know by now.

The offline services have clubs, bars and event management in their pockets. In Hi-Fi areas, there’ll be event coordinators to manage any welcome parties or functions or business meets for those coming from abroad. These escorts work during the daytime as waiters. But it is their way of showing off their bodies to the interested clients who wish to take them after party.

Why do they work?

I think most men do not work out of their own free will. Some might’ve been kidnapped during their adolescence, or worse, childhood and were forced into this underworld business of sex for money. Just like girls. There are even some who do this purely for pleasure just because they have no control over their libido. And then there are some who want money. Lack of money requires some to lose their shame, right?

Who are their clients?

Generally, big shots and westerners. You might want to believe this because male prostitutes in India are trained for foreign big shots. I’m talking about both men and women. They have men and women clients, mostly middle-aged women though.

Sightings of Escorts

Escorts are most common to the public in Western countries. Even history got its hands on Male escorts, dating to the days of Socrates. Socrates had a pupil who had been an unwilling participant of male prostitution. He was taken as a prisoner and was subjected to sexual slavery.

In India, the Red light districts would be Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore where the percentage of male escorts is noticeable. They work in the background with a farce of wedding planners or so. There were times when police caught a few men and arrested them for being ‘bought’ by female clients.

The Bollywood marriage in Falaknuma (I read about this), was a stage which offered males for nightly services.

Are Escorts gay?
Even I had this doubt when I, by chance, read about a raid on the Red light areas in Hyderabad that housed male prostitutes. But no, not all of them are gay. Of course, they do provide sexual services to men even though they are straight – for Money. In their language, “Money rules and not the gender.” Mostly, only female clients are common. Even some transvestite people who look like males are into this business.


This isn’t an issue which we hear on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean it’s non-existent. Being where we are today, our open-mindedness has allowed us to accept the presence of LGBT community. We still frown upon the issues of prostitution. We can’t accept the fact of selling one’s bodies for money. But, truly, can we be the judges when we don’t even live their life? If female prostitutes are not accepted, how would the males survive?


I can’t be judgmental too because the severity of this situation is unknown nor have I ever come across a gigolo.

Who knows what issues drove men to such measures? There aren’t any rules that can at least save them. A call girl can get her client arrested and a female client can get her gigolo arrested. Escorts have got no refuge and they learn to live with what they earn.

It’s not that their life is pitiful. They earn well and good but their life is always at stake. They aren’t even accepted by their own family or friends for that matter. How can this prejudiced society not throw a tantrum at their existence?

Really, it’s laughable yet saddening.

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