Tips To Make Your ‘Date’ Memorable And Lovable!

How To Make Your Date Memorable?

Love is that selfless feeling which makes you hopelessly and foolishly romantic. The songs, which you hated for being cheesy, are the recent hums on your lips. The romantic movie you skipped are on replay and this is all because of that one person who changed you, that one woman in your life. The one who turned your upside down life straight. ‘Quality time’ is what we crave, and we need nothing else to make it special, other than being with that one person. Love does not demand costly gifts and diamond rings to prove itself. Proving is not a part of love, but it is important to make that person feel special. At least occasionally, it is important to express your love. A date is a chance you scored to make that one woman in your life know how special she is for you. It is important to make your date memorable.

Women love men who put some effort for them. For example, if you bring her tea, she will like you; but if you bring her tea getting drenched in the rain, she will love you. She loves you for the effort you put to show how important she is in your life. It also shows to what extent you can go to preserve her wants. So let’s decode the password to win your lady loves heart by personalizing the date and making it memorable.

The following efforts in your date plan will make it memorable:

Tip 1: Always plan dinner dates. Moon and stars are the brand ambassadors of the romantic industry.

1. Note/Letter

This may sound old school, but woman love letters. When you write something instead of printing, it exhibits your honest intentions. It will touch the heart of the opposite person. It is undoubtedly a romantic gesture than any WhatsApp message saying, Waiting for you.

make your date memorable

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Pick a piece of paper, pen down how excited you are about tonight’s date and tease her about awaiting surprises. Attach that Note/Letter to her favorite chocolate or a flower or loosely tied 3-5 flowers. Avoid bouquets, they may look beautiful, but simple naturally scented flowers spread a smile. If your girlfriend is an environmentalist, attach the note to a plant instead of a plucked flower, she will fall again in love with you at that just one thought.

Get this delivered to her place before she gets ready for the night. This shows your excitement for the date and also your effort.

make your date memorable

2. Personal space

Make sure to plan your date in a personal space than any fancy restaurants. Personal space gives you privacy and you can create your own ambiance. You can decorate it the way she likes.

  • Scented candles and flowers at the entrance. Maybe flowerpots on both sides for a great welcome.
  • It is important to have a beautiful tablecloth, clean and tidy placed cutlery. Do not forget flowers and candles on the table too.
  • On table instead of normal candles, use floating candles in a clear bowl.
  • Choose your own music to set the mood. Songs you both like.
  • Use dim lights, maybe fairy lights.

make your date memorable

3. Cook

Women love men who cook. They just love watching men cooking for them and cooking with them. So, for this date make sure to cook for her. If you cannot cook the whole meal, take some time to prepare her favourite dessert. Don’t use “being a non-cook” as an excuse. You have google and YouTube, use some technological guidance. Don’t worry about the taste, she will love it.

make your date memorable

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4. Handmade gifts 

Girls love anything handmade. That shows your effort and time you spent thinking about her and for her. Following are simple yet lovely:

  • A mason jar filled with chocolates and slips of compliments or promises hid in between.
  • You can make a handmade greeting card, simple easy and creative.
  • You can make a scrapbook of you and her memories, pictures, and instances.
  • You can print a book with reasons why you like her or why you do not need any kind of reasons to be with her.
  • You can make a collage and frame it.

Put some effort for her. These things will remind her about you making her blush later.

Tip 2: Notice little changes in her and convey them. Make sure to pack your cell phones and place them away.

5. Listen and Talk

Be a good listener. Ask about her day and be her gossip mate, with whom she can speak anything. When you talk to her, make sure you tell her how important she is in your life and her involvement makes you happy. Listen to her plans and talk about your future plans. Conversations play an important role in bonding, making her laugh. When you talk to her, tell her things you remember from previous conversations (Not about how her girlfriends are good, although you can show how you are ready to make a bond with her best friend). Make her feel secure.

make your date memorable

Tip 3: Play with her hair. She will love it.

6. Dance

Romantic dance is important but do not stick to it. Dance on fun songs. Unleash the child in her with your songs and dance. Dance like there is no tomorrow and no one is watching. If she is in love with elegance and posture, salsa and ballroom. If not enjoy Bollywood, street dance, chicken dance and your dance.

make your date memorable

Tip 4: Prepare your mixtape.

7. A walk to remember 

Don’t underestimate the power of walk. This may sound cheesy, but not for one in love. Walk hand in hand, stealing glances and every now and then looking at each other. Walk on an empty road as if the only people living on earth are you both.

Tip 5: After tasting her lips, do not forget to plant a good-bye kiss on the forehead.
Kiss on forehead means deep affection and care towards loved ones.
It also makes her feel secure and increases trust.

make your date memorable

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It is important to follow some basic rules to make your date memorable.Hope you have a great time planning your date and making it memorable. Share your date plans with us. Best wishes!