Major Depression Symptoms We Shouldnt Ignore And How To Deal With It?

Major Depression Symptoms We Shouldnt Ignore
Major Depression Symptoms We Shouldnt Ignore

Depression drains your energy, hope, and drive, making it difficult to do what you need to, to feel better. Overcoming depression isn’t something that you can immediately do, however, with some changes in your lifestyle, you can come out of this like a champion. But to proceed ahead we must check these Major Depression Symptoms We Shouldnt Ignore and ways to deal with it.

Depression is a state of mind that has been afflicted with negativity. The key is to push yourself to drive it out.

Signs And Major Depression Symptoms We Shouldnt Ignore Are:

1. Sleeplessness

Sleep is the most important aspect of the depression phenomenon. How and when you sleep can make or break you.

Watching movies and youtube videos at night is especially detrimental as the more you watch, the more addicted you get. Staying up at night makes you feel alone and inevitably causes a downhill spiral of feeling self-doom and misery. Yes! It is a major symptom of depression we shouldnt ignore.

Major Depression Symptoms We Shouldnt Ignore

2. Lethargy

Endorphins are of primary importance in terms of keeping chirpy and happy. Endorphins come from exercise.

Exercise every day. By that, it can be anything. Walking, skipping, swimming or gym. Just get moving!

Waking up early to go for a walk has been proven to be beneficial in more ways than just physical health.

Lack of energy and enthusiasm is one of the major Depression symptoms we shouldnt ignore and should be taken seriously.

Major Depression Symptoms We Shouldnt Ignore

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3. Lack of Productivity

This I’ve found to be one of the major causes. No productivity in your life can make you feel unworthy and will leave you with no goals.

It pushes you inside what I call The Rabbit Hole.  Which is one of the major depression symptoms we shouldnt ignore.

People who are generally lethargic and have no aims and productivity tend to fall into this deep hole. It is but only the mind that can help you overcome this and push you to climb back out. Be careful, the deeper you go, the weaker the mind gets.

It is a dark place where you can still see the outside world walking, talking, and full of life, but you feel terribly alone. People try to talk to you but they will never understand you. They speak a different language altogether, a language you probably once knew.

Major Depression Symptoms We Shouldnt Ignore

4. Obesity Is The Most Common And Crucial Symptom Of Depression Which Should Not Be Ignored

Possibly the most common disease in the world today, it doesn’t really help with your mental health and can cause depression.

Obesity is a double edged sword. It can cause depression and depression can cause Obesity. It makes you lethargic, hence no productivity. Let alone, all those self-esteem issues.

Embracing Obesity has also been found to be detrimental as this is just a coping mechanism to the reality of your debilitating health.

Major Depression Symptoms We Shouldnt Ignore

5. No Action

Little things can invigorate depressed people to react differently to what is considered normal. Reactions can range from hysteric crying to scuttling down the rabbit hole. All are acceptable and everyone deals with things differently. However, doing nothing about it, sitting silent and hurting just makes things worse and pushes you deeper and is a crucial sign of depression we should never ignore.

6. Social Media

Posting on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat has become a growing trend amongst the youth – and while that may be perfectly acceptable in a secure and safe, space and time, the desire to continuously be appreciated and to look and be better than others puts you in an empty zone, your life revolving around these trivial things. The real things begin to matter less and one becomes disillusioned.

Major Depression Symptoms We Shouldnt Ignore

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How To Deal With These Significant Symptoms Of Depression?

1. Speak to Someone About Your Depression

Be it a professional or someone close to you, speak.

Sometimes what you’re thinking or feeling about someone or something may not be reality and other people’s opinion can greatly change that. Generally, people close to you tend to judge you and if they don’t, we still can’t help to think they do and that’s okay.

Speaking to a professional gives you a more bias approach.

The taboo of it in the Indian society still prevails but that shouldn’t stop you. Be proud of the decisions you are making to heal yourself. Don’t shy away from seeing a professional. It is no more different than meeting an ENT for your ear infection.

Major Depression Symptoms We Shouldnt Ignore

2. Take Action

Go up, speak to the people who have hurt you. Feel strong, be confident. This will transpire in you a new attitude towards life.

3. Become Productive

If you are a working person and you feel your life is getting monotonous, set a goal. Sort new projects, try and impress the boss, talk to the girl/boy next to you who you haven’t spoken to but have been rigorously stalking.

Ways to Become More Productive:

i) Start a hobby

There are so many things you can do to distract yourself, to make yourself feel good. You could also turn this hobby into a career.

Go to craft stores and buy those DIY sets. You’d think they’re for kids but they can get quite challenging and are really fun.

ii) Give to the community

Start helping out at animal shelters, orphanages, old age homes etc.

iii) Start writing your feelings down

There is no one you should be more honest to than yourself and writing things down creates clarity and can eliminate all that built up stress.

iv) Don’t ever sit at home cooped up all day

Fresh air is mandatory for a happy healthy body. Staying at home can really push you in a bad place especially when you have nothing to do. Take a walk, meet your friends, go to a local library, go shopping etc. Never stay home when feeling low, it only makes things worse.

4. Speak to yourself

By this, I don’t mean in a crazy sort of way. Sit down and introspect. When sitting down alone, speak to yourself in your mind. Is this what you should be doing? What can you do to get yourself moving again?

5. Get a pet

Major Depression Symptoms We Shouldnt Ignore

A pet can change so many things in your life. His life depends entirely on yours and you catering to that gives you a feeling of self-worth. Not to mention, all those warm cuddles with them will reward you in so many ways.

Major Depression Symptoms We Shouldnt Ignore

6. Don’t compare yourself to Others

No one leads a life without problems. We all have our obstacles and looking at someone and thinking that they don’t have any and feeling bad for it is only going to make things worse. That person is probably looking at you and thinking the same about you. The grass will only be green on your side if you take care of it.

7. Acknowledge now that you have an enemy

You may ask, who is this new found enemy? It is but the negative part of your mind which you need to fight every day. You need to acknowledge that problems come and go and while they do, you need to keep your mind armored and strong. Letting things affect you is absolutely normal. However, the key is to get moving as soon as possible and fight those negative feelings. You need to fight this enemy because the positive part of your mind, the one that wants to get better is stronger than your enemy, you just need to start fighting.

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Try to make decisions that will help you move forward, even if it’s only an inch. Depression is a battle between two parts of the same mind – the one that holds you and the one that lets you go. It is your choice to determine who will be stronger. You will work hard and you will fight this. No one can help you but you. Even the littlest of efforts go a long way and help you in dealing with major depression symptoms we shouldn’t ignore.

Now, Since You know These major Depression Symptoms We Shouldn’t Ignore. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and step out into your new world. You will be amazed at how beautiful the world can be-but for that, you need to start living.