An Interview With Maanvi Gagroo, The TVF’s Cheerful, Ideal Girlfriend

maanvi gagroo interview

The Chanchal actress of TVF’s Tripling and the understanding Shreya of TVF’s Pitchers, Maanvi Gagroo comes this Tuesday with another series ‘Guy in the sky’.

A chubby Delhi girl and creative actress has a lot of stories to tell us about herself. We have seen her in TV serial Dhoom Machaoo Dhoom and movies like Aamras, No one killed Jessica, and PK.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q.1 Apart from being a cheerful actor, Who is Maanvi Gagroo?

“Yes, I’m a cheerful person (laughs). I enjoy most things that most of the girls do. I love dancing, reading and I am a big foodie.”

Q.2 What are some lesser known facts about Maanvi Gagroo?

“I am a trained dancer not many people know that. Also, I’m not a trained actor (that’s new). I have learned from the job. I am a psychology major student and I am very interested in it. Till date, I keep reading on psychology journals and all the new research that keeps happening. I wish one day and I’m very sure I will do my masters in psychology as well.”

maanvi gagroo interview

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Q.3 Coming from Gargi College and being a Psychology student, was acting something you always wanted to do?

“No, never, not at all. I had never ever thought of acting as a profession because nobody in my family is in this and I was not even in Bombay. I was in Delhi. So it was never a career option. Even after my first acting that I did in ‘Dhoom Machao Dhoom’ for Disney, it was a one-time thing. I was supposed to come to Bombay, finish the shoot and go back, which I did. I went back I finished my studies and then I got an offer for my first film “Aamras”. When that happened even then I was like I don’t know who these people are and how will it go. But my sister pushed me. She said ‘no’. We googled them, we found out about these people, and she said listen nobody gets a movie right in their lap, just do it. I said –‘Ya right, maybe I should just at least give it a shot.’ Then I came to Bombay I did the film, and I keep telling myself that I will give myself one more year. One year and if nothing works out I will go back. But as you are closing your deadline you get work and then you increase your deadline year by year and before you know its 7 years.”

Q.4 How is working in web-series different from Bollywood/TV serials? And what do you prefer?

“Better than TV serials in some of the context. Like the best thing about web series is they tell us stories about us, about people like you and me. No ‘saas-bahu’ thing. In TV shows somehow it all boils down to marriage. Either the girl wants to get married but it doesn’t happen or her family is forcing her. It’s not how people like us think anymore. Girls like us don’t think like that anymore. We all want to get married and stuff but there are more things we want to do before that.”

How did web series change the things for you?

“ya, ya for sure because up until then even in terms of acting the only acting roles that I was getting was this bubbly Punjabi character. Then Post Pitchers and Tripling, especially Pitchers actually because suddenly then people also started seeing me in a different life as an actor. I started getting better. The calls that I was getting were for better roles.”

maanvi gagroo interview

Q.5 There are a few similarities in the roles that you have done, are there any different kind of roles you are looking forward to?

“I want to do all sorts of role. My problem is that I tend to get bored very easily. That’s what was happening with me. I was getting that bubbly Punjabi girl. After 2-3 times I did, it was like-‘Ab Kya’. Even I am running out of different ways of doing it because they were also written in the same way. But then Pitchers happened and it was different as a show. I personally feel Chanchal and Shreya are quite different. Especially the aspect that they see because Shreya, for example, we had no idea what is her family life like but Chanchal is the middle child and she is the fun child also.”

I read in an article that you are the youngest child in your family so you did a lot of study to know about the middle child.

“Yes. Actually, I personally feel that whether you are first born in the family, you are the middle child or you are the youngest that has a large impact on your personality. Especially in something like Tripling, It was about the three siblings. And thankfully I have 2-3 friends who are middle children. So I just kind of observed them, I talked to them to find out what are their relationships with their siblings. Because for a middle child both of them are siblings and they are equally important but the relationships are very different like for example Chanchal with the elder brother, she is the younger one so she can get her way. With Chitwan, she can bully him because she is older. But also at the same time, she is the only girl, so she is pampered by her brothers.”

Q.6 To all the roles that you have played which one do you relate to most?

“Shreya, because she is like “aaj ki ladki”. First of all, she is a working girl, a confident working independent girl. She has her own life and she has a life with her boyfriend. And even the relationship between Shreya and Naveen, it’s very nice. They are very good friends and they are dating each other. They are very understanding of each other’s need.”

maanvi gagroo interview

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Q.7 You are the only female lead in Pitchers and Tripling, how does it feel?

“It feels good. These TVF guys are all my friends. So I never feel awkward or anything with them and they also make me feel comfortable always. But I feel good, I get all the attention, so yes I love it.”

Q.8 When is TVF Pitchers second part coming? And what can we expect?

“I think it will be out by First half of January 2018 but Shreya is not the part of Pitchers 2.

(This is really sad )

I have been fighting with them every day to do something for Shreya’s part. Bring her on skype like she doesn’t have to be physically present, she could be skyping with Naveen the whole time or something but let her be a part of it. But they are like no her part is over.”

maanvi gagroo interview

Q.9 Born and brought up in Delhi, working in Mumbai; what differences do you find in both cities? And which city do you like more?

“Bombay. Between the two cities, I feel Delhi is much better because the roads are much wider, there is more space, it’s more green, and all those things but the people of Bombay are far much better, so it makes up for everything else. I think that safety of women is such a big issue in Delhi; in Bombay I don’t feel that. I can travel late in the night and I don’t feel uncomfortable but in Delhi, I cannot even imagine getting out of the house. If I travel in my own car with friends then it’s okay otherwise you cannot even think of taking a cab. Even in Bombay, the people are very helpful and nobody cares. In Delhi, if you are wearing something, people will talk about it. Not only the guys but even other girls, aunties and all but in Bombay people are doing their things – ‘Agar aap unke raste me nhi aa rhe hai to vo aapke raste me nahi aayenge’. And they are very professional.”

Q.10 Congratulations on winning the Best Actor (Female) Award for Tripling. How does it feel? And do you think awards should be gender neutral?

“Thank you. Eventually Yes, one day. But not now because our society is not ready for it. Because at the end there are very few good characters for women. And if we make it gender neutral all the men will win it like all the Khan’s and the big stars so nothing will be left. So as of now we need to encourage better roles and better performances from women, we need to have separate categories and then one day maybe when we start accepting women as actors because in Bollywood women are still seen as sex objects. People still want someone who is really good looking and really hot and they wear a bikini or have a bikini body. But guys can be anything. They don’t have such issues. So till the time we reach the stage where they are both considered the same, at least, they are both judged on the same parameter that pitches strictly their performance or acting then we can talk about gender neutrality in the award. This is my opinion.”

maanvi gagroo interview themagzone

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Q.11 You are an avid reader, and you make a lot of references to Harry Potter in your captions. Also, you seem to be a scribbler?

“I love reading and everyone should read. And Harry Potter, I have a special bond with it. I remember I used to be mad about Harry Potter because while we were growing up I started reading it and then the movies were coming. I remember the third book or something, I had bunked school and gone because they were giving some 100 copies and I have got my name written and I was so scared. I wanted to be the first one in my whole batch who has read the book. I told my parents please I have to get up in the morning because otherwise I will have to go after school, after 2 o’clock and they were like don’t be stupid and I started crying and threw tantrum. Then they agreed. After that, I picked up the book and went to school and was showing it off to everybody. Like for acting also you have to grow as a person to be able to act well, I feel. It’s only when you have different experiences you get to know different life situations different culture, so either you do traveling and I love traveling also but I don’t end up getting so much time. So if you don’t have the time to travel so much so the next best option is to read for you to grow as a person.”

Q.12.Since we promote amateur writers at The MagZone and give them a platform to get their work published, what message would you like to give them?

“I think one always writes from the heart. Like for me, I’m not a professional writer, I only write when something comes to my mind. I suddenly get this one thought and I start thinking on this thought and then I started noting it down but as a professional writer, you cannot always rely on that. But I think then in that case discipline is very important. I have talked to a lot of my friends who are writers and I asked them the same question that how do you write when you don’t feel like writing but you have to write. Then they tell me that you just tell yourself- ‘ that mujhe abhi baith k 1 ghante me 2 pages likhne hai, now whatever’ and don’t judge it because there will be times when you will write really shitty things and you yourself won’t like it. But at times you will hit gold and suddenly you will start writing and it will just flow. So you have to do it not for writing but for anything you just have to start because usually, the first step is hardest. Because we start giving various excuses but it happens, our mind only plays these games on us. But these are only excuses. But just start once and when you start there will be 10 other problems which will come and they will come. You know how we used to do when we had to study at school and we kept postponing it ‘abhi meri pen me ink nahi hai’ ‘are bhook lag gayi’ ‘are bahut shor ho raha hai’. But once you sit you will be able to do it and you will be able to achieve.”

Maanvi Gagroo is a wonderful actor and an awesome person. Not only her videos are a motivation but she herself has so much to tell and motivate us. Her dedication towards her work and studies, her way of enjoying life and being crazy for something that she loves, her love towards reading and her bindaas attitude towards life. She is TVF’s cheerful actor and viewers love her in all her roles.

Let’s just hope that ‘Guy in the Sky’ coming this Tuesday brings something new about her acting talent.