‘Love Makes You Fat’ A Poem By Nadeem Raj Will Make You Think About The Kind Of Love You Are Into

Valentine’s day is over and so is love returning on your palate to make you fat again. But Nadeem Raj in his poem for Unerase Poetry truly says -“But hey! There are worse ways to die.”

Don’t start judging anyone or make a statement like -‘Hey! not everyone is same‘, this is a general opinion presented and some way or the other you will relate to it when you will start giving it a thought. So sit back and think for a while whether or not your love is directly proportional to making you healthy or fat? Strange, isn’t it? But trust me fat not in the sense of love and feelings but in the sense of actually being FAT!!

Ask yourself these questions (Warning Foodies: these questions may increase your hunger)

1. What is love today?

The fancy dinners, the movies with exorbitantly priced caramel popcorn and a burger with extra cheese on the way back OR a peaceful night at home, with home cooked food, a movie on Laptop or Television with a bucket of popcorn!

2. What is incredibly romantic?

Vada pav on roads and multiple cups of crappy coffee at the mall food court and then staring into each other’s eye, while surrounded by a thousand people OR bread butter at home, coffee made by the partner and sitting on a couch talking about various things and peacefully enjoying the moment by looking into each other’s eyes!

Don’t look for any more questions. These two should be enough to make you think about the kind of love you are into.

But love today starts with crepes and tapas on Friday nights, goes to churros with extra chocolate on Saturday evenings and ends with crispy bacon, egg benedict and fresh orange juice for Sunday brunch. And when the account shows ‘insufficient balance’ and its hard to find a coin in the wallet, its time to stop treating each other like garbage disposals and switch to healthy items.

Love needs something else. It needs long conversations where the focus is the person and not the food. A situation where people prefer to listen to each other’s choices other than the food choices and need to listen to the little details of the day, not necessary with a ravishing food item in front.

Its time for you to look at love the way that it makes you fat but with the happiness and joy that this blissful state brings! A big Thankyou to Nadeem Raj for showing another side of love that people are truly shifting to these days. 

Listen to the full poem here:

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What are your views about this poem of Unerase Poetry? Let us know in the comments below!