Live The Real Life! Don’t Let Technology Take Away Your Golden Moments.

“Hi Sam, I had a really bad day”, I tried calling my best friend the other day. – “I’ll be there in 5 min” she replied.
“Hi Sam, I had a really bad day”, I tried calling my best friend today.- “text me online”. She replied.

Technology has definitely connected us with distant people in real-time, but somehow it has drifted us from the golden moments that could be possible only by our physical presence.

I thank the presence of internet now, for I am dependent on it. But at the same time I am grateful that it took everything in its hand after I enjoyed my childhood indeed, not virtually.

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Every time and everywhere I watch people with their eyes fixed on cell phones as if it’s a matter of life and death. Why are we pretending like having a long distance sort of friendship when our squad is living in the next lane? Even when we are fully grown, we get emotional strength just by the presence of people around us, even in the worst situation so why don’t we give an original start to the friendship, in the same way, we had in first grade.

When we achieve our goal, all we seek is people around to cherish and praise us in reality not virtually. When we fall all we seek is a hand to hold and a shoulder to shed our tears, ear to hear our story and an understanding heart. The virtual world brought us all together on small screen but it created distance in our lives.

We get too busy in capturing moments, that we forget to live the moment. So-called hashtags and selfie craze made us so insane that instead of creating new moments and sharing our flaws and falls with our friends we started sharing it on social media. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. and calling ourselves socially active people, made us far from our real ones. But in actual being a social person means someone who stays in the social gathering. right?

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I just wanna plead the people of my age to live the life to its fullest. After reading the blog just look up at the sky, at the buildings, the streets and the beautiful flowers of the garden, listen to bird’s chirping and feel alive (not online).

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