List Of 24 Virtues For A Balance Life

List of virtues
List of virtues

Foundations to moral behavior are laid by our parents and grandparents in childhood. Although it is embedded in us, we sway in winds finding new meanings to old teachings. Going back to basics, a virtuous man is ‘man of means’ who tries to do right. Instead of micro-managing they stand tall on moral grounds. Virtue helps to live in contempt, peace, and confidence. Generation X, Y, and millennials virtue face a routine test of mental stress. Here’s a list of virtues and vices for a good balance of life.


It starts within you. You should accept mistakes, flaws, and make peace with yourself. This helps to accept others. Living in a liberated era, more than judging, it is important to accept people the way they are. It helps to establish and mend relations through forgiveness.


It is a source of acceptance. One who is flexible to learn new things, understands different behaviors, concepts, and concerns. They detach from stringent norms and adapt.


A feeling of belief helps you to start and move towards your ambition. It helps you believe that you can do something and succeed the same. It builds assertiveness and courage.

List of virtues


We are generation of ambitions and passion. As an assertive individual you have right to un apologetically run behind your dreams. Don’t let anyone quiver your confidence. Leave the pit of self-doubt and shine with courage.


One should be truthful to their own personality and spirit. Shedding layers of character is a sign of insecurity which leads to low self-esteem. An honest individual has a rock foundation whose words are weighed in significance. People will trust the person of integrity.


Caring is a sign of strength in an individual. A person who takes care of others and shows concern develops compassion. A kind person is loving and giving. Yet, a line between caring and desperation for approval is important. Take care of others, but don’t let anyone take advantage of you. Self-care should be a priority for a well-balanced life.


Orderliness and purity are important in life. Clean surroundings and orderly life gives clarity in a status. A systematic individual has a clear perspective on people, surroundings, and situations.


If you are willing to achieving your dreams, it is important to stay committed to your plan. A person with endurance suit up and move ahead without excuse. Perseverance and loyalty open new doors. They take one step at a time even on thorns.


A caring and compassionate person always thinks twice before making a decision. The considerate individual thinks twice before taking a decision or making a judgment. They are practical, logical, and consider all the aspects before reaching any conclusion.


A person with a content mind and heart stays selfless. Dissatisfaction leads to restlessness while contentment leads to peace. A peaceful mind is a treasure. A person with a fulfilled heart forgives and has more to give.


We are surrounded by people with various skills. No dream is a lone achievement. A true leader works together. A successful person co-operates, unites everyone, and works in a team. It is an important virtue of accomplishment.


It is the source of boldness and confidence. One who does not fear is free from the clutched of self-doubt. A courageous individual has a strong moral strength with which he fights horrors of life. One should be brave enough to face hardships for a good balance of life.

List of virtues


It is the ability of an ability to have new ideas and make new things. A creative individual has a subtle way of expression. A creative person finds out of the box solutions for atypical problems. It can be in the form of writing, poetry, photography, comedy, acting, sketching, and painting.


Any problem can be solved from a third person’s perspective. One who detaches from the situation can look at all the dimensions. A person who flows with the current time grabs opportunities around. Detachment frees us from the ‘remote control’ system and gives us control over the situation.


A composed and serious style of an individual exhibits seriousness. A self-controlled person earns honor and respect for everyone and society. A dignified person acts and thinks twice before acting. He respects everyone and in return earns respect.


An enthusiastic person is curious and has an active interest in things. They find motivation and energy to accomplish the works they are keen on. It fills a person with positive energy and boosts confidence. A person would be optimistic about his/her decisions.


An ethical person is bound to societal norms to decide right and wrong. He earns respect by practicing fairness and being unbiased in his work. His morality and courage to do the right earns him respect. He is conscious individual, who does not take a wrong decision.


Strong belief fuels the confidence in an individual. Faith removes the doubt, which urges them to pursue their certainty with trust. It eliminates the clouds of apprehensions, which helps them to live a peaceful and well-balanced life.


The harsh and violent behavior of an individual leads to aggression. A gentle person is kind and patient. An individual is compassionate and empathetic. Quiet nature helps them to re-think before speaking and doing.


A feeling of connection and affection towards a person or things, binds them in trust and faith. Love unites and builds sense of forgiveness. A person in love with his job, will walk through hurdle to reach the goal. A person with potential of loving, will be empathetic and compassionate. Love balances everything.


A feeling of appreciation brings joy, peace, and hope. Self-gratitude boosts enthusiasm and it reciprocates the same to others. We would start appreciating others and encourage them to better.


Humility drags down the over bearing self-importance. The feeling of not being too proud would help you to improve. You would strive to learn things and be better a person.

List of virtues


 A strong expression of belief and drive to achieve the interests. It fills an individual with enthusiasm, faith, purpose and happiness. A passionate individual would never stop at a fall. He/She would raise and sprint.


All the above virtues instilled in a person endures through self-discipline. It helps to improve self-control. One could regulate emotions, thoughts, and apprehensions. This would lead to a well-balanced life.

Times change and circumstances stage different tests. A virtuous person is ready to face his/her suit of armor. May wind change the direction while we stick to our foundations.

These list of virtues will surely help you to live a generous and positive life.

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