Lilly Singh: Unicef’s Goodwill Ambassador 2017

    Lilly Singh, also known as Superwoman, is the most famous female YouTuber of Indian descent with over 11 million subscribers. With achievements like a New York Times bestselling book and a movie to her name, Lilly has once again proven that she indeed is a superwoman. Lilly was appointed as the Global UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador 2017 for Unicef on July 15th. Other ambassadors include Priyanka Chopra, David Beckham, Shakira and Jackie Chan.

    unicef goodwill ambassador 2017

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    In her new role, the new Indo-Canadian star will use her digital presence to engage children and young people, and empower them to speak about the challenges they face.

    Lilly had traveled to Madhya Pradesh with Unicef for promoting education among the children of the backward classes. She met young people and adolescents who faced extreme conditions and still pursued their dreams.

    unicef goodwill ambassador 2017

    She became a role model to young girls with her Girl Love project which inspires little women to embrace themselves and motivate the females around them. She also ranked first in the Forbes’ Magazine Top Influencers in the Entertainment category list.

    unicef goodwill ambassador 2017

    At a very young age of 28, Lilly has proved that no one can stop you from making it big if you believe in the beauty of your dreams and continue to work for it. She happens to like rapping, hosting shows and stand-up comedy too and the likes of Dwayne The Rock Johnson are always ahead in the long line of millions of fans Lilly has.

    She is an absolute inspiration who manages to entertain, inspire and make the world a better place. Go, Lilly!

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    Till then, lots of love to Team Super and congratulations from all of us at TheMagZone.