This Poem About Your Mom Will Make You Listen To It Again And Again

This beautiful poem Like my Maa by UnErase Poetry is so well performed that it’s melting hearts on social networks already. Simar Singh and the team have yet again created magic in spoken word poetry this time the center being our mothers.

Listen To The Poem On Youtube Here.

As exactly a week has passed since we were changing our profile pictures and writing emotional status updates on the auspicious occasion of mother’s day, we try to think where are those people now? What kind of love it is which only comes two times a year on social platforms one being mother’s day and the second being our mom’s birthday!

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One cannot think about the exact superlative of any adjective that defines the amount of love there’s between mother-child relationships. A mother not only loves you before you’re born but also knows what exactly do you love, how do you react in certain situations, what do you love to eat, and when do you need moral support. She pushes you with all her might to face all the happiness in life which even she wasn’t able to get, without letting you know a bit about it. She always loves you unconditionally and wishes the best for your future. She is the one we go behind for cover when we screw up real bad and dad is not happy.

like my maa by unerase poetry

Many of us fail to be with our mothers due to jobs, family duties and also fail to return the same amount of love she showered on us since our birth. She never demands any such thing but yes she wishes that her son or daughter would post those emotional statuses about her and photos of her without any specific occasion like he/she does for friends. We even post the silliest things we do with our friends but why do we lack to acknowledge our best friend since childhood and limit the ‘with mother’ posts to only two days?

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We want you to hear like my maa by unerase poetry, and share it on your wall with your mother tagged making her feel special because you seriously don’t just need a mother’s day to show love for your mother. If you love your mother back even one tenth of how much she loves you, trust me! Every day will be a Mother’s Day!

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