10 Lifestyle Changes That Will Help You Become More Productive

Do you often find yourself wondering why you are unable to do enough in a day? Everyone seems to be getting a lot of work done and you’re still peeling your potatoes?

A few tweaks in your lifestyle may change this and bring you to the top of your game!

1. To-do lists

Make to-do lists and make sure it’s reasonable. As a person who is in love with order and productivity, I generally make to-do lists on the basis of what I will actually be able to complete rather than what I think I want to complete. I will generally add one or two extra activities to the list just to give me that “Girl, you’ve got a lot of work, so get going!” feeling. Overdoing your to-do list, in my opinion, is a waste of ink and peace of mind.

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2. Neat and Clean

Be it your office desk or room, keeping it neat and in order makes you feel pumped and ready to get working. Making your bed the first thing in the morning is a good way to get your day started.

3. Go for a run

Studies show that exercise can treat mild to moderate depression, anxiety and stress as effectively as all those medications—but without the side-effects. These mental issues almost always interfere with productivity and a healthy lifestyle, so going for a run every morning or hitting the gym is a good way to get those endorphins running.

4. Make Notes

If you are a student and are having a hard time trying to sit down and study, making interesting and colourful notes always makes it more interesting. There are several youtube channels like Mariana’s Study Corner and Ruby Granger which show you how to make notes easier and interesting.

5. Restrict Social Media

Social media is probably the main reason as to why you may be finding it hard to be productive. You might want to delete your apps and reinstall them once you’ve reached that stage where dependence is over.

6. Eat healthy

Getting to your absolute best physical condition will create explosive energy, renew your focus and multiply your creativity.

7. Drink more water

When you’re dehydrated, your brain works slower and your body feels exhausted. Constantly drinking water will help you avoid lethargy and fatigue.

8. Write a Stop Doing List

Every productive person obsessively sets ‘To Do Lists’. But those who play at world-class also record what they commit to stop doing. Steve Jobs said that that’s what made Apple. Apple was not so much what they chose to build but all the projects they chose to ignore.

9. Get up early and sleep early

Introducing this sort of discipline in your life creates the kind of order that builds will-power and determination to get things done.

10. Give yourself a break!

Working too hard can interfere with prolonged productivity because you’ll just burn yourself out. Read a book, hang out with friends and take some alone time. Meditation is a good way to utilize your break time. Apps such as Headspace is a good way to encourage meditation and guide you.

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Good luck, my fellow ‘Productivites’!

Have you done any such changes in your lifestyle to become more productive? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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