Life Lessons TV Series F.R.I.E.N.D.S Taught Us

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - The One Where You Learnt Things From

Life Lessons TV Series Friends Taught Us

F.R.I.E.N.D.S“, this has been one amongst those extra-ordinary T.V shows that have sought a majority of audience attention and has been successful in keeping them contended and yet built the hope for more. On being asked, they called it an ‘evergreen‘ show that yet continues to be on the top 10 level on their fandoms list. There are plenty of life lessons TV Series FRIENDS taught us.

This show did not just make you laugh out loud, but also stringed the right emotions in you and eventually taught you tonnes of things that you struggle to inculcate in your life.

Here’s the list of the things that you learnt from this show:

Once friends, you always remain friends

The title of the show says it all. The unyielding bond that they shared which managed to be the same from all the thicks and thin is something to learn from. No matter how many complications you face in your life, its the trust that you share which remains unstaggered.

Life Lessons TV Series Friends Taught Us

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What people think, shouldn’t be your concern

The carefree nature (especially of Phoebe and Joey) is what inspires me the most. After all, you’ve got one life, so why hesitate to act stupid or childish once in a while and not waste your time on thinking ‘what others might think’? And how sane do you think your friends anyway are? 😛 Life Lessons TV Series Friends Taught Us

Love with all your heart

Chandler and Monica have set up a great example for the same and so did Ross and Rachel; where the unconditional love finally got its lobster back! Not to forget Joey’s and Chandler’s bromance that has always been something to look upon. The love that they had for each other is something that each one of us wishes for.

Life Lessons TV Series Friends Taught Us

When all the doors get closed, your friend breaks open one for you

If you’ve got someone like this, hold on to them and never let them go. All the problems seem pretty small when you have your friend by your side (let us face it, they do not solve your problem but they do make you smile with their lame jokes). For instance, Chandler invents a fake game just to help Joey. In fact, the mere presence of each other helps them solve dozens of problems.

Life Lessons TV Series Friends Taught Us

Accepting the reality with grace

One of the best things you can learn from this show is that no matter how worse your past or present is, it shouldn’t let the smile fade from that face. Considering Chandler and Phoebe who are shown to have a terrible past and are also the funniest ones because they do not let anything break them apart.

Life Lessons TV Series Friends Taught Us

It’s never too late for a fresh start

Each individual from the cast has depicted this point. Considering Rachel where she leaves everything behind and starts working with all her heart. And Monica, after losing her first love does not lose the hope of finding the right man to spend her life. Ultimately, life is full of surprises and you never know what is held on your part.

Life Lessons TV Series Friends Taught Us

Keeping things clean is the new cool

Not as fascinating as it sounds but eventually Monica’s obsession with cleanliness forced the rest to maintain the same. And I bet your group too has that Monica who loves to freak out most of the time (But thanks to her that the group always has the motherly affection alive).

Life Lessons TV Series Friends Taught Us

Your situation depends on the way you see it

Phoebe proved this point in a wonderful and in her flaky way. Your situation can never be bad if you see it with enthusiasm and ease. So try this out next time when you are in any dilemma or face any such situation. Let the cheerful side of you conquer that part.

Life Lessons TV Series Friends Taught Us

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What are the life lessons you learned from this TV series? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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