Life Lessons To Learn From Tom And Jerry

Life lessons from Tom and Jerry
Life lessons from Tom and Jerry

We have all watched Tom and Jerry show growing up. Those naughty little games of chasing and escaping made our hearts pound. Whenever Tom’s about to catch Jerry, we gasp. Whenever Jerry beats Tom with his wit, we laugh. Even amidst all these fights and tricks, we witnessed Tom protecting Jerry from an unfamiliar source. In the words of Mazikeen, “No one calls my skank a skank!” They’ll fight with each other but they’ll also look after each other. And even though it’s just a cartoon program Tom and Jerry taught us so many life lessons. We learnt a number of things, here are a few life lessons to learn from Tom and Jerry enlisted below:

Here are 15 Life Lessons to Learn from Tom and Jerry

1. Try and try until you succeed

This is probably the very first lesson we all learnt from Tom and Jerry. How many times did Jerry defeat Tom – Uncountable number of times, right? However, did Tom ever fall back and stop chasing Jerry? No. Well, that right there is our lesson! We ought to try irrespective of the fact how many times we fail. Because there will be a time when we finally succeed.

2. Can’t live with each other. Can’t live without each other.

Are Tom and Jerry friends? Are they sworn enemies? No matter how much they fight with each other, when the time comes they are ready to fight for each other. Tom always fought with Jerry but when faced with an external threat, Tom fought away those other Tom and Jerry characters. After they’re gone, Tom might chase Jerry down once again but he has always been there to save his little buddy.

3. Childhood Life Lessons to Learn from Tom and Jerry

Life Lessons to Learn from Tom and Jerry

Remember how we were taught during childhood that sharing is caring? And that applied to both friends and foes, equally. We are the people who serve even enemies with love and respect when they come asking for help. Similarly, Tom shared whatever he had with Jerry without really showing his big heart. Tiny little acts of kindness made Tom a better figure than we actually measured.

4. Have confidence in yourself

Jerry was just a tiny little cutie. However, it never sat back covered in fear. Jerry always faced each and every difficulty of life with a strong heart. That’s how we need to be. That is exactly how we need to prepare ourselves.

5. Never underestimate your opponents

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Often, we tend to underestimate our opponents. We wait to catch a sight of weakness. But you know what? Sometimes, it’s just a trap and we fall right into it. Sometimes, our enemies actually fall weak. However, they take 2 steps back only to leap 4 steps forward with even more motivation. So, we never really know what’s going on in our opponent’s mind. All we can do is, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

6. Being kind never goes out of style

Tom and Jerry taught us that even if they fight the whole day, they remain kind to each other in the time of need. Jerry rushes to help revive Tom when he drowns. Tom does everything possible to save his little buddy from dying. Being kind to each other, they both fight with each other. And that is totally adorbs. That is a life lesson to learn from Tom and Jerry for sure.

7. Friends are a gift from God

Life Lessons to Learn from Tom and Jerry

If there’s someone who matters more than anything after our family, it’s our friends. No matter what we go through with them, they are always there for us. Even if we hate to look at each other, our friends still comfort us. Tom and Jerry taught us that it is a gift from God to have a friend.

8. Tom taught us that the real love is about giving

We all can vouch for Tom’s honest attempts at pleasing the woman he loved. He did everything in his capacity to give her the lavish life she has been used to. He had lots and lots of love to give. Even with the lack of money, Tom went out of his way to see her smile. We never saw him complaining. That’s when we learnt that real love is all about giving.

9. Butch taught that the worst betrayal comes from a friend

Another Tom and Jerry character, Butch, taught us that it’s not the outsiders who hurt us. It’s always the ones we love and trust who rubs betrayal in our face. The worst kind of betrayal always comes from a friend. Tom’s friend steals away his girl without the blink of an eye. These are the moments that make us question everything and everyone in our life.

10. There will always be people in your life who will love your money

The girl we’ve been talking about all this time drops in at this point. The lavishly living girl adamantly chooses money over love. She chooses Butch over Tom. She teaches us that no matter how giving we are, sometimes it just won’t be enough for a person. There will always be someone in our life willing to choose materialistic things over the things that actually matter. She taught us that it just be like that sometimes.

11. Have faith in God’s plan

Life Lessons to Learn from Tom and Jerry

Falling from the tree, jumping off a cliff, drowning in a lake, getting burned in the bum – all of these have been a part of Tom and Jerry’s basic day-to-day routine. They never fell back. They dealt with it all like it was nothing. Many a time they succeeded. Many a time they failed. However, there was no time when they stopped. They believed that victory is on the way – if not today, then tomorrow. That’s exactly how we all need to keep trying and have faith in God’s plan. If a tiny little mouse can survive so long living with a cat, we can, too. In fact, we are human beings (mortal or immortal). We have far better chances than a little mouse. Don’t you think?

12. A spider scares a man

No matter what size we are, we have no reason to believe that we are lesser than anyone else around us. We all have potential enough to fight for ourselves. A human no matter how big he might still get scared of a tiny spider. Similarly, despite being so tiny, Jerry always held his head high and fought like he owned the battlefield.

13. Stay together, stay strong

They chase and wear out each other. They try and try and try to surpass each other. But, when the neighbourly attack rains down on them, they become an unbreakable team. They were enemies to each other but an unbreakable weapon against anyone who tried hurting them. Both of them together made a strong team.

14. Enjoying the little moments in life

In the end, it’s the little things that matter. Helping each other in difficult times, fighting but again reconciling. These were the little things that we saw in Tom and Jerry’s journey. No fight no war compared to those little moments they shared together.

15. In this lonely little world, it’s good to have someone

Whatever turns our life might take; it’s always good to have someone by our side. People die of loneliness. At least Tom and Jerry had each other till the end of the world. They taught us that even in the darkest of times, having someone with us always exceeds everything else on this earth.

These were some of the life lessons to learn from Tom and Jerry. Tell us what you learned from Tom and Jerry in the comments section below.

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