A Letter To The Society That Will Never Accept Me

To the people who never understood,

It is a fact that there are rules laid by the society upon us, and being a girl in this society is indeed difficult. But I am not complaining.

I don’t know if it is out of respect or out of fear that we agree to the norms of the society, but these sexist norms are silently fueling the revolt that we may initiate anytime soon. I am talking about my country here, not to bring shame to our people or our culture. I am just questioning why are we subjected to criticism for each and every action of ours.

My actions were so closely monitored, for they feared ‘Ladki haath se nikal na jaaye‘. A week ago, I was molested. A man tried to slip his hand inside my t-shirt. I tried to push him away, he grabbed my hands instead. I was shivering, and he clearly knew I was afraid of him.

My mind worked the other way, for all these years we were treated like we are weaker than men. I remember how my mom used to insist my brother to accompany me after sunset when I wanted to go places. We were taught that at the end of the day, it is easier to harm us, we are fragile. All of this was running through my mind, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I admit that was one of the reasons why I couldn’t fight back.

You cannot imagine how scared I was, to speak to someone about what happened. The incident, the flashbacks, the marks on my skin, were killing me inside. But I made sure no one knew. It is a widely talked theory that girls hide such things a lot, but do you know why?

We fear that you all will blame us, cause’ that’s how society works right? You all will blame us to protect your sons. I am not saying that there is no one who will stand by my side if I raise my voice against it, but then even if they put that man behind bars, will I get justice for real?

The fact that I judge men by their faces proves how horrible a place India is for girls. Why do I need to be insecure while I am travelling alone? Because I know I am not safe.

My body is shamed, I am asked not to wear certain types of clothes, asked not to behave in certain ways. Either the society controls me, dominates me, or the molester, the rapist does.

It is going to be 2018, theoretically, we fight against sexual harassment, but when will you stop mentally harassing the victim?

I wish I was brave enough, to fight him, and to face the society.

The girl who is silently tortured

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