Letter To My Maa

To the one, I wrote my first poems for,

In the course of these 17 years, moments where we exchanged *I love you*s and kisses were rare, but times, when we shared love, were incalculable.

Love used to come in forms, inconspicuous each time.
To me, when you’d let me dip my biscuit in your cup of tea.
To you, when I’d make you a paper necklace (and bracelet) for mother’s day from school.
To us, when you’d read my poetry dedicated to you.

I remember what you told me once; I wasn’t by choice, but by chance. Yes, I had a good laugh back then but later, I had some deep thoughts about it. Giving me a life wasn’t probably a choice you made but giving me a life worth living is what I’m thankful for. I see you, far from where you are, fighting the world for me; so that I soar up high in the sky, embracing limitless possibilities of life.

You started working when I turned 8 or 9, just to set an example for me. A woman doesn’t need to be dependent on anyone. In a bid to be independent, you ended up making me a maverick. From a girl who’d never eat lunch but rather sleep to a girl who’ll make sure her little brother eats too, the transformation was terrible. From studying by my self and becoming a meritorious student by the time I reached class 5, you knew I had something in me. On the 10th of March 2012, class 5 result day, it was your progress report day too. You came to know, that you’re doing a great job as an inspiration.

Today, 14th of May, 2017, another progress report of yours; you continue to inspire me and a lot others around you.

Lately I’m being a good daughter, no? From sharing minute things of the day to my dreams, from tagging you in ‘memes for Moms’ to making tea for you; i find love for you.

You might not know my favorite food, unlike other mothers; you know my dreams. Like others would cook for their kids, their favorite dishes; you’d let me cook and serve for myself, my dreams and ambitions.

Sharing just with you, excerpt of what I wrote 11 years back; secretly knowing the fact that you’ll never judge me.

The greatest mother
Is my mother.
She is a little fat
And does yoga on a mat.
Her favorite is lemon tea,
Only when it’s made by me.
Mix of kiss, hug and pinch of love
Is the recipe to make her happy.

The one who looks just like you.

(PS- Happy Mother’s Day!)

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