A Letter To My Parents: Please Don’t Ask Me To Get Married To Do Anything And Everything

Me: Mom, can I go for the college trip? Please.

Mom: Not again! (rolls eye). I shall get you married. After that go anywhere with your husband, I will not say a word.

This is something almost every Indian girl hears. If not at your place, I bet you’d have at least one friend at whose home it is like this.

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Dear Mom and Dad,

With all due respect, what is it with getting me married to fulfil every small wish of mine? You don’t tell bhaiya the same thing. He is not married yet, but you let him do everything. When I was young you’d say I have to grow up for certain things. Now that I am, you want to send me away. Am I that heavy a burden to you? Why do you always talk as though by getting me married you’ll be unchained? Will you not care for me after?

Ma, there are a few things I want to do and I don’t need round-the-clock supervision just because I’m a girl. You say that you’ll get me married so that I can see the world. Firstly, please understand, I not only want to visit the place so that it can be done with anyone, but also because the company matters. Going with friends or going alone is completely different, and I want that experience too. Secondly, if you are worried about my safety and you think getting me married is the solution, please remember that you are not getting me married to any of the superheroes. Going with a guy might be safer than going alone but certainly not more than travelling with a bunch of people.

I understand you are trying to protect me, I really do. But why do I end up feeling restricted? The moment I am about to set foot outside, you get paranoid and somehow end up talking about marriage. I want to go abroad and study further, but when I tell you that, you say you will look (read as hunt) for a guy settled abroad. Please, pa, I always look up to you and I always will. I am afraid that there will be nothing left in my life to claim. When I look back, I want to see myself as a bold person capable of being a little independent. I think it will give me the courage to move forward.

A bird can be protective of her children, but not to the extent of not letting them fly. Won’t the baby birds lose their identity?

Teach me to fly safely 🙂

Ambitious daughter

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Tag your friends whose parents ask them to get married every now and then. Also, tag your parents and let them know what you think.