A Letter From Harry Potter To Albus Severus Potter As His Journey of Hogwarts Begins

September 01st, 2017. The day Albus Severus Potter boards his journey to The Greatest School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hogwarts; here’s a letter from Harry Potter, the boy who lived, to his son to help make his journey better.

Dear Albus,

Today you are standing on platform 9 ¾ to board Hogwarts express and set to a journey which will change you forever. This is the voyage of experiences, adventures and lessons. When I boarded this journey I was alone. This journey gave me relations I longed for and life I never imagined. Now this is your time; your time to live and design your path.

Hogwarts is not only a school of magic; it is the school of courage, bravery and sacrifice. And as you’re set to board the train, it’s my responsibility as your father and as your friend to tell you about things that no one told me when I was at your place. I had no one, you have me and I will guide you through.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind as you’re about to start your journey as a wizard:

1. You got a letter many people long for; value it.

Many wish to become a wizard, Albus but not everyone is as lucky as you to get your Hogwarts Acceptance Letter. It is something that many people long for and you have got it. I still remember when Hagrid came to give me mine, there’s no magic as enchanting as the feeling you get when you hold that letter. Value it.

2. Albus Severus Potter, you’re named after two Headmasters of Hogwarts

As his obituary says it, Albus Dumbledore was never proud or vain; he could find something to value in anyone, however apparently insignificant or wretched. Severus Snape was a Slytherin and he was the bravest man I’ve ever known. You are named after two Headmasters of Hogwarts. Make sure to honor them in every choice you make.

3. The Sorting Hat knows which is the right House for you because you help it determine

The Sorting Hat sorts you on the basis of your abilities and the way you process thought. When the sorting hat is placed on your head under magical illumination of sky in the great hall, I believe you will make the choice. Remember, no choice is pre-defined to be right or wrong. Consequences decide it. And remember, no House is better than the other. No matter which House you get sorted into, respect all the four houses the same.

4. The Grand Staircase change but you’ll get used to it

Your Lessons are not only taught in the classes you sit, they are taught at every step that you take. Mind your steps on moving stairs. They are tricky enough to change your paths. It was Rowena Ravenclaw’s idea of using moving staircase, it had to be tricky.

5. Choose your friends wisely, they walk till the end with you.

I was lucky to have found great friends like Ron, Hermione, Luna and Neville. You will have to try you own luck. Though you will have James and Rose with you there, don’t forget to make friends irrespective of the houses they belong to because they walk till the end with you. House does not divide persons, always remember that.

6. Don’t try to hide anything from McGonagall, because no one can.

Rules craft life; but when needed, be courageous enough to break them. Remember not to hide your mischief from McGonagall; because you can’t. You will meet wizards whose wands will sway yours. Few are friendly, few are strict. Don’t be duped by acts. Eyes hide truth in dry tears.

7. Do not let the name of your father overpower who you are.

You might be recognized as the son of The Boy Who Lived but that does not define who you are. You are Albus Severus Potter, make sure to create your own legacy.

8. Just because you belong to a family of great Quidditch players doesn’t mean you have to be one as well

I was a seeker, your grandfather was a chaser and your mother was both a chaser and a seeker in our Hogwarts years but that doesn’t mean you have to be a renowned Quidditch player too. Don’t let it hamper you. You are who you want to be. Discover where your capabilities lie and be better in it than anyone else. History of our family is not your future.

Albus, when you return from Hogwarts, it will be like a journey from home. I hope you carve your name on the pages of Hogwarts. I will wait for my son to return with a smile of wizard. Remember your parents will be there to help you through, Always.



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