A Letter To A Friend Whom I Judged For The Wrong Reasons

Hi there,

Hope you always stay as strong and badass as I know you to be. And yeah, totally nuts too! There’s something that I have been wanting to say to you since our last meaningful conversation, which was funny enough, also the first real conversation we have ever had. But before I come to that, I want to say it out loud and clear. I am sorry. I apologize for each time I judged you without knowing who you really are, what you have been through, and how soft a person you are on the inside, who, even after being betrayed so many times, did not give up on compassion, friendship and love.

I cannot explain logically my apprehensiveness to your presence near me or my dear ones, except for the thing that cooked up stories travel faster than the reality, and I was naive enough to believe a part of them, if not the complete thing. We never got to talk things out too, and it kept getting worse. As hard as it is to admit, I made them worse to some level. When the goodness in you got the chance to come out upfront to me, I did not want to believe it, and when I did, you had already given up on me long before that. You are not perfect, neither am I, but we never even tried to accept each other’s imperfections.

But I am glad that we moved past it over time. Maybe, time is the best healer. I am glad to see that you are happy. What elates me more is that we are now happy and chirpy in each other’s company. And that laughter is real and blissful. You have been through a lot, I know that now, and you are one tough lady. Such indomitable spirit will always find its way through the driest of people darling, and the amount of jubilance you spread around is simply unfathomable.

Lots of love,
A friend. 🙂

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