Letter By A 22 Year Old Daughter To Her Parents

Dear Ma and Pa

I wish I could speak all of this in person but writing it down felt more comfortable and it helps in avoiding the unnecessary fights and tears that none of us personally like.

I am 22 years old and I am very well aware of it. I do not need the relatives or neighbours or anyone at this point to remind me or you of the same fact. I also know that it freaks both of you just the same way it does to me. I know I am growing with each passing day (not just by the number) and will have to leave you all behind one fine day. But do not let a mere number scare me, not so soon. I have dreams to complete and live, and I want to live them all with the people who made me believe in them; this particularly does not deny the fact that you have had dreams for me to have a beautiful and happy future. But this thing reminds me of something that you always told me – “there is always a certain time for things to happen, so do not waste your present wondering when will that time ever come.”

And to talk about my age, I am the same girl who will first approach you guys to complain, share or yell at and I don’t think that will ever change. Howsoever mature I may act, hidden beneath is the same silly girl who will never grow when it comes to you. When it comes to our relatives or family friends or any random person, what they think about me or my growing age is not really my concern, what frightens me is ‘they trying to convince you to have the same thoughts’. Talking constantly about marriage and my future makes me feel like a lowly cloth that has recently been put up for sale. I know that it is not true, so let’s not talk about it just because people think I have grown up to the right age.

And it is not the talk that scares me but the thought of leaving the best people of my life whom I love unconditionally.

So hold on for a little while,
And let me relish all the moments with a free and happy mind.
For I want to grow into a person that will make you both proud,
And see a smile instead of the worrying lines.

Not-so-old Daughter

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