6 Jewellery Trends You Should Try Right Now

latest jewellery trends

The festive season is coming and we cannot go out there without a piece of trending jewellery on our body. It is something that beautifies our wears and gives us a more astounding look. So here are some of the latest jewellery trends that you should wear to enhance the beauty of your clothes. Also, they are available online at an affordable price.

Have A Look At 6 Latest Jewellery Trends You Should Try Right Now:

1. Earrings

When it comes to looking beautiful and also not carrying the pain of wearing pieces of latest jewellery, earrings are the first thing that comes to our mind. Both men and women today want to wear it and the reason brings many stories with itself. But the best thing is the Indian Styled Jewellery. The beauty of a woman is personified with them. Deserves to be at the top of our latest jewellery trends.

Latest Jewellery Trends

These days studs have become the most popular ones because they can be worn on any occasion. For evening wear, drop earrings (also called chandelier earrings, based on their size) is an elegant choice. It is popular among brides because even the simplest ones can look very pretty.

Latest Jewellery Trends


2. Bangle-Bracelet-Armlet

Bangles make your wrist look appealing and gives your whole attire a complete look. Some people may find it irritating while working, so, for such people there are bracelets. Bangles can also be carried with any dress and this makes them the more preferred set in latest jewellery trends.

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Latest Jewellery Trends

Online websites provide you with heavy and designer bangles. And if you are tired of silver and gold color you will find red, green and other colors which will give a luxurious look. Also, online websites have a variety of bangles, armlets, and bracelet available at a reasonable price.


Latest Jewellery Trends

3. Brooch

They not only give a royal look but also go with formal as well as casual dressing. Although today very few stores sell brooch, you can still find them online in a huge quantity. And for women, they are not only fit for sarees but also for other dresses like a blazer, coat etc. For men, they go very well with coat and Sherwanis.

Latest Jewellery Trends

4. Maang-Tikka

The tradition and fashion of wearing a Maang-tikka is very old but it always adds to the grace and elegance of a person’s attire. Today not only a bridal look but many traditional Indian looks are just incomplete without it. The history considers its use to regain the power of concentration in any person. The online stores today have a huge variety of this.

Latest Jewellery Trends

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5. Ring

The market is full with a variety of rings. Engagement ring, wedding ring, Knuckle ring, mood ring, eternity ring, multi-finger ring and much more. A ring defines the bond of relationship and one must be very careful while buying one. Naked fingers often don’t look good. Not only a finger ring but one can also find some of the best nose rings.

Latest Jewellery Trends

6. Jewellery-Set

Saying no to a gift with a trending jewellery set is quite difficult. It has always been in demand and will never lose the grace and impact it has on the person who wears it. They go very well with casual wear and also with heavy sarees. Bridal jewellery is very famous among Indian women. There are various other varieties famous like carved pieces of jewellery set, jewellery sets of mirror and stone, beaded gold jewellery etc.

Latest Jewellery Trends


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So to all the people out there this festive season go out and carry yourself in the best way possible, click some selfies and share with your friends some of the best and latest jewellery trends that you saw online and bought.

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