Kunal Kapoor Came Forward Against Women Trafficking Through This Poem For UnErase Poetry

UnErase Poetry presented a poem in association with Kunal Kapoor against Women Trafficking, and boy did the poem strike the right chords. The poetic ensemble, called Sold Bodies and presented by popular star and public figure Kunal Kapoor, gives a poignant and soul-stirring account of the lives and struggles of sex workers. These women, who are no more than objects to the eyes of their beholders, hide in their smiling faces and sensual looks a plethora of emotions that go unheard, sacrifices unaccounted and loved one left behind.

They are mothers and daughters too, faces with no identity and bodies with no destiny because our society often fails to consider their lives beyond their profession; the profession that they were sold into when they were young. Their children grow outside the closed doors, their parents waiting for them to return home.

Watch the poem, written by Navaldeep Singh, Mohammed Sadriwala, and Simar Singh, Here.

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The poem tries to intrigue a more humane outlook towards these women who sell their bodies every night to earn a life for their children. A gentle smile of yours shall be enough to show that you care.kunal kapoor against women trafficking

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