Choose A Job You Love, Don’t Be A Korporate Kabootar

korporate kabootar

Maxim Gorky once said
‘When work is a pleasure, life is a joy
When work is a duty life is a slavery’

I believe that people today will agree with me when I say that if a job is all we do then we cannot do good to it.

A world where everyone is busy in their life, busy earning money, busy following a tight schedule, managing between work and home, I Imagine the situation of these people no different than that of a trapped bird.

Korporate Kabootar

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There is lesser percentage today that actually loves doing what he/she is doing, the rest other either go with the flow or have no other choice.

Today, we are all trapped in a cage created by our own needs and desires but we always try to put the blame on others whereas the real reason is and I say most of the times( readers will go offensive if I say always :p ) that we don’t dare to get out.
We are like a flock of sheep trying to run and following the same path like others, doing the same thing every day. We forget to enjoy the beauty of nature, the fun of living a tension free life, the joy of spending time with family members and all we do is sit and count the failed attempts to fly just like a trapped bird.

Sometimes when we look at the harsh reality outside, sometimes when we get time (irony isn’t it? ) to think about our situation then we realize the bitter truth of life. The life we wasted sitting in a 4×4 cubicle.

Korporate KabootarKorporate Kabootar

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But I won’t tell you how wrong you are or how worse your situation is but yes I will tell you one thing and I quote:

“What are your choices when someone puts a gun to your head?
What are you talking about? You do what they say or they shoot you.
WRONG. You take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one. Or, you call their bluff. Or, you do any one of a hundred and forty-six other things.”
-Harvey Specter Suits

And that’s my point here, we always have a chance to get out of the situation in one way or other, all we need to do is try. Like a bird hits the cage a thousand times until and unless she either gets out of it or dies but still she tries. Be the same because your passion is to fly high and achieve something big, something that you love. Don’t be a Korporate Kabootar, don’t let the trap trap you.

This Article Is Inspired By This Poem Of UnErase Poetry.