Korporate Kabootar By UnErase Poetry Is A Must Listen For All The 9-5 Guys Out There

“Hey honey, it’s PTM in our son’s school today.”
“I’m so sorry, I am really messed up with work, can’t come.”

“Mom dad, see I’ve learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube on my own.”
“Don’t waste your time in this, we work 20 hours a day to bring these luxuries so that you can study well and be a worthy son.”

Hello, Corporates. I hope you guys really enjoy those 20 out of 24 hours spent in a 4×4 cubical. It’s really interesting, isn’t it?

We at TheMagZone really feel moved with Rakesh Tiwari’s powerful words through his beautiful slam poetry “Korporate Kabootar” performed for UnErase Poetry.

Watch The Youtube Video Here.

In 21st century, life has become a race in which most of us are just running, without knowing the right path, without any halt and without being able to see & understand who we have left behind and whom we are chasing.

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Friends, family, and relatives are now just left with a “9mins 47seconds” call daily which sometimes gets “25mins 32seconds” that too just on weekends.

korporate kabootar by unerase poetry

The strive of “becoming successful” has changed into “becoming more successful than”, which has made us cynical. We don’t make out time to hold on and enjoy life, ironically, on the other hand, we meet our colleagues in parties and start discussing work.

We really appreciate how the life of a pigeon is used as a metaphor to denote the life of an employee working so hard to “get there” by Rakesh and suggest you to watch the poem and get inspired about enjoying little moments because there are really some things money can’t buy.

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