This Guy Stood With A Banner “Kiss Me I’m Desperate” And Number Of Kisses He Got Will Amaze You

Mononucleosis – This is the scientific/biological term that was given to what is commonly termed as “Kissing disease”, shortly, ‘Mono’.

There’s this guy, who says he ain’t got “Mono”, the kissing disease.

Well, who is he, you wonder? Blake Grigsby, of course!

kiss me im desperate

On the streets of Los Angeles, more precisely, at Venice Beach and Santa Monica pier, he stood with a placard that read “KISS ME I’M DESPERATE”. Surprisingly, he was kissed by many girls too!

The first girl came by.

“Anywhere?” she asked, looking at the placard in his hands.

“Yeah,” his reply was swift.

“I’m gonna kiss you on the mouth.”

“Okay… Muaaahhhh!”

The first kiss in the video and we have a shocked Blake, “Right?”

kiss me im desperate

Guys also came by. Not to kiss our handsome boy, Blake, but to let them know if he caught any hot girls. It wasn’t just teenage girls that fell for his “desperate” looks. Moms and grannies kissed him too.

It’s exhilarating, how people can succumb to bizarre wishes of strangers and regard them as ‘fun’. Such lightheartedness is a bliss! Here, you will go on a new roller coaster where the true essence of ‘fun’ can be understood in a ‘desperate’ fashion.

Click the play button and immerse yourself in a four-minute world of love!

Not enough? Check out his other video “Kiss me, I’m still desperate”.

P.S – Don’t try this at your hometown where public kissing isn’t allowed! Haha!

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