Kirron Kher’s Controversial Statement On Rape Victim Made Us Think That Where Did We Go Wrong?

Kirron Kher’s Controversial Statement On Rape Victim

At 7:45 p.m. a young girl was returning home from her stenography class in Sector 37 in Chandigarh. She boarded a shared auto-rickshaw with two men already in it.

She wanted to reach Mohali, where she stays as a paying guest. But instead of taking her to the destination, the auto driver directed the auto towards sector 42. When questioned, he gave ‘refuelling the auto rickshaw’ as a reason.

Later, he drove her to a jungle opposite the petrol station where all three took turns raping her. An hour later, two men on a motorcycle spotted the woman crying on the roadside. At 9 p.m. the police were informed about the same.

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Addressing the incident, Kirron Kher made a statement that has been going on the internet and has become the talk of social media.

Kirron Kher stated that women should be careful when they know it is a dangerous world.

Being a female, I personally feel what Kirron Kher stated was indeed a very controversial statement. Somewhere it hurts the sentiments of the victim, as it clearly seems like she is blaming her. This is probably one of the reasons why in India, we the girls, fear to talk about sexual harassment, molestation or rape. We are afraid if we would be blamed for it. Kirron Kher exactly did the same thing, just like any other aunty in our locality would gossip about a girl who was raped, she was talking about where the girl was wrong.

Somewhere, it was insensitive. Somewhere it was not. I know we tend to feel offended when someone makes a statement like that, but the fact that we never think practically is undeniable. I was offended, so was every woman, and so was every feminist. But how did we tackle this, by trolling and shaming her on social media, which again I feel was very wrong and hypocrite of us!

If we think it this way, she was not wrong. We emphasized the fact that men should know how to control their sexual desires and men should be taught how to behave with women, but can we deny the fact that our safety is our responsibility as well? I was told to carry a pepper spray, why? Because no one is safe, neither us nor the men. So she was not wrong when she said she wishes to protect the girls and that everyone interprets her statement in a wrong way. She was simply talking about how this could’ve been prevented.

In her justification, she had to say this:

What are your views on Kiron Kher’s controversial statement on Rape victim? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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